April 20, 2012

Easter. 4.7.12.

Our long Easter weekend was simple & easy going.
We colored some awesome eggs, and they got gobbled up.

How we did them this year:
Classic dye:  vinegar, hot water, food coloring.
We applied rubber bands & rubber cement for the designs. 
(removing both when dry.)
Lots of fun.

My sister Heather's family moved last year & got chickens at their new place in the fall.  They've got productive layers & have been sharing their surplus with us.
Years ago, we used to raise chickens.  We had ducks & guinea hens some years, too.  We have a nice coop, and I'm wondering since they're all the rage now if we shouldn't put it to use again..  we'll see.
The yellow one below was my favorite. 

When I was growing up, the Easter Bunny almost always hid his goods in the house.  There was snow outside.  I think this is the third year in a row of sunny, snow-free Easters for us.

We found fruit & granola snacks & candy filled eggs in the branches of trees, in the garden, and everywhere.  A good hunt.
Even our teenagers still participate.  They like treats.   However, we still assign an egg color or two to each kid to keep a level seeking field.  Teenagers are only allowed to collect their colors or anything over their head.  

On our way to gather with family we delivered some cake & Easter eggs to Marianne next door.  She commented on the beautiful weather, and reminisced of the days when they were finished coloring eggs & threw their cups of dye out over the snow, how pretty it was. 

The Great Basket Hunt at Grand & Grandpa's was fun as usual.  Cousins big & small were running across acres, this way & that.  Some of those photo clues found egg to egg leading to the baskets were challenging!
Candy was enjoyed by all.

And there was a good Easter wind for flying kites.

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