April 18, 2012

Jay Cooke State Park 3.20.12

I was fortunate to be introduced to our state parks as a kid. (And some cool campgrounds, too.)
I'm enjoying a life-long love for them, in Minnesota and about the map. Off-hand I can think of 16 states in which I've sought out state parks so far, & loved them. They're a wonderful thing.
I'm also fortunate in that sometimes we have to head to downtown Duluth for work-related trips, and mid-week is a great time to hit up Canal Park & Lake Superior without crowds.
This day after leaving Duluth, we decided to go to nearby Jay Cooke State Park. We only had a few hours. Only saw one man jogging. It was an unseasonably warm day.
We climbed around just a small portion of the park, up, around, & down into the bed of the St. Louis River. It made for a great afternoon.
Beau the Explorer loved it.

Dad & Beau, climbing upward.  ^

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