May 3, 2012

April Showers : Snowstorm

Photos of our April 16th ice & snow storm.  
School was canceled, many were without power for a good length of time.
Trails & parts of our driveway were camouflaged completely with trees bent or laying down.  I freed those I could, but they weren't easily shaken off since under the dense snow was ice.  Some broke & we had to clear many from our driveway. 
The pond slushed back over.  Johnathan got his snow pants on & baled water out of the boat from the previous day's monsoon. 
Baseball games were canceled for a few days.  The robins & frogs went back into hiding. 
Then the sun came out shining strong and it was all gone without a trace in a few days.   We gained some mud from it.  And so goes spring in Minnesota.
McGee, emerging from our driveway.

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