May 6, 2012


In these years of raising kids, baseball is very much to Spring what football is to Fall.  It's part of the season, experienced along with the weather and changes.
Our past couple of weeks have included a lot of running, late evenings, and last minute schedule changes. Rarely has a day gone as planned.
It's all packed into a short season, though, and it's worth it.
Mason & Eric's 8th grade year of baseball is going great.

As with basketball, they're in a unique situation of covering multiple team levels. They play junior high games on nights those are scheduled. When there are junior varsity games, they play those. And the two of them have been put on the varsity roster, so they cover those game nights & tournaments as well. Makes for busy times.

Something I've given some thought to now & again, is how we try to be low key & not "brag" about Mason & Eric's athletic achievements.  BUT.. I got to thinking, how if a kid is very talented at singing, a parent is not scrutinized for saying their child has a beautiful voice. It's a compliment. The same goes for artistic ability. In Mason & Eric's case, they are naturally gifted athletes. Why the difference when it comes to athletics?   Possibly because it's common for most all parents to think their child is a sports super star.  All too often parents think their kid is going to go pro from the time they are two years old.  (For the record, that has never been us. Sports are fun, and healthy, but not a future to count on.)  Maybe because sports are competitive in nature, and parents often are too.  Hard to say.  
Anyway, by now I've pretty much embraced that -cliche or not- I am a sports mom. I try to be a good one.  These guys have talents. We're proud of them.  I often try to downplay my enthusiasm, and that's not always fair.  

So I'll go ahead & say that they really put the smack on that baseball. Excellent on-base average. Doubles. Triples. Home runs. RBIs. They run & steal bases fast. They field well,  pitch strong.  They add a lot to the teams they play on.  And when they're smiling & having fun, it's a blast to watch.
Mason wears #10. Depending on the day, Eric wears #5 and #12.
^ Mason heading to third base, his varsity debut.
  First varsity run. ^

Quick story:
We were on our way to a game last week, cross country from 80 miles away. I called the Coach to make sure the game was still on & what field. After filling me in, he said Mason (lead off batter) predicted he was going to get up & hit one out of the park.
We pulled into view of the field just in time to see the game was starting, we had a batter up.  It was Mason, and BAM he hit the ball.  I wondered out loud why he was running so slowly.  Then I realized...
He had made good on his word.

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  1. All the photos look good. Looks like they're getting alot of experience.