May 31, 2012

End of school year 2012

Whew. Today is the kids' last day of school.
Busy, busy times have come with May.
We've watched about thirteen baseball games, put in long miles & late school nights for some.
We've had birthday parties, graduation parties, school events, & more.

Lilly's 2nd grade class put on skits & did a mini-graduation ceremony earlier this month.
The following day was elementary Track & Field Day.  She & Johnathan were speedy & strong as ever. We had fun watching.
Lilly is not a big fan of acting/performing for a crowd (as was pretty easy to see in her skits the day before.)  When it comes to running, this seems to be an advantage though.  She's so quick to get off the track & out of the public eye, she sprints to the starting point, whizzes through her race, and doesn't even stop at the finish line, keeps running right off the track.
She took first in her events, and was out of sight in no time. :)
Johnathan's 3rd grade class had a successful day competing against the 4th grade.   And they looked really cool in the tie dye shirts they made together.
The boys pulled a tug of war victory against the 4th grade boys.  Johnathan ran the final leg of the relay race, finishing strong for his team with the win.

We often have parents warn us about how busy we're going to be, going different directions for activities as the kids get older.
May 17th we had our first real scheduling experience with this.
Mason & Eric were playing their first varsity start, while Beau was to be graduating from preschool a block or so away at the school.  We wanted to be there for both.
We were able to watch most of the game before making it to graduation in time.
Beau was so patient & composed, waiting at the end of the line with the W's & Z's to have his name called & receive his preschool diploma.
Our kids are always the still ones at these things, while the kid next to them pokes in their faces & kicks at their heels.  They're all five the same in that way.
He was a cool cucumber.
He had kindergarten round up last week.  And again, made me so proud!  It was the sweetest thing, watching him listen to the bus driver as she went over school bus safety. Many kids were being corralled, restrained, hushed - and Beau stood next to the driver in front of the group, listening, and nodding courteously as she spoke. My heart swelled, to watch him. :) He's going to do so well in kindergarten next year!

Mason & Eric, as mentioned, have been very busy with baseball practice, games, & tournaments.  They've evolved to the varsity over the second half of the season, and are doing great.  The younger kids have done well with all the time aside the chainlink fence, too.
Last night we traveled to Carlton to watch a subsection play-off game.  It was a great one.  A rally, a tie, three or four extra innings. Eric had a crucial RBI hit & fielded the final out of the game for the win.

We've been all over the map this whole month.  Off to the next tournament game this evening.  We tossed in moving a piano from Minneapolis, looking at property in Crane Lake, and Lilly's 8th birthday this past week, too.
Tomorrow we welcome summer vacation with open arms!

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