May 16, 2012

Painted Turtle Hatchling

We've documented over the years that our old  pond turtle is usually first seen out sunning herself around the last week in May - first week in June.
With warmth & changes arriving early this year, I was curious if we'd have earlier than usual turtle sightings, too.
I didn't have to wonder very long.   Johnathan saw a turtle out on the small pond on Saturday, the 12th of May.   And then he found this little miracle, which he first confused for a piece of stick in the the dark, weedy water.
Tiny thing.   It's little egg tooth was still prominent.
And our first sign of new turtle life here!  
After all the years of the same old turtle, seeming so alone, some of the other Road Rescues we introduced must have finally stuck around.
Or - it does take females turtles here in the north more than a decade to mature (as many as 11-16 years) -maybe she just finally became a mom. 
Whatever the reason, we were pretty excited. 
Johnathan brought the turtle straight in the house to me, dripping net & all, so I could untangle it's tiny claws.  It kept pretty tucked into it's shell.  So sweet & new!
We took a few pictures, then Johnathan immediately took it back to where he found it.   He was pretty concerned that it have food.
A special find.  We'll be keeping an eye out for it, hopeful to track it's growth & success.

 Chrysemys picta.  Bambino.

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