June 15, 2012

Colorado : Family Vacation. June 2012.

Last week we headed to the great Rocky Mountains. 
This was our first time flying with the kids & I had been anxious about tackling airports with the whole lot of us.  I felt like a mother duck keeping my ducklings in a row, subconsciously counting heads at all times.  It went as smooth as we could ever have hoped, even while making quick connections miles across airports with next to no layover time.  The kids were calm, cool, traveling champs.  And they seemed to bring smiles to many.  :)

Much to cover about our explorations in Colorado.   I'm still wading my way through photos.

Quick trip overview:
Time we were gone:  Seven days, six nights.
Main destination:  Breckenridge, Summit County, CO
Wildlife spotted:   Multiple mule deer.  Two fox.  One elk (lots of tracks & sign.)  Small herd of pronghorn.  One pika.  Countless chipmunks.  "Half-albino crows."  ZERO snakes - hooray!!
Weather:  Highs in the 70's, sunny, beautiful.  Very dry. 
Highlights & Points of interest:  Stunning mountain passes.  Continental Divide.  14ers.  Gold mine remains.  Blue River.  Tenmile Range.  Wildflowers.  White River National Forest & Pike National Forest.

Other notes:
Our family's first experience with a mini-van:  Not bad.  We were successful in navigating some rough 4x4 mountain roads.  (and I was pretty pleased with my Priceline negotiating, once again.)
Excellent lodging, with much gratitude to our friends at Breckenridge Mountain Village 92.  (Thank you, Gordy & Sue!) 
Plenty of room for our family of seven to relax & stay comfortably.  The hot tub was a hit!
With a wonderfully equipped kitchen, we were able to buy groceries & kept our eating out limited to just our two travel days.  (Huge financial advantage for our family size.)
The rest of the home was brilliantly equipped, as well.  Lots of wonderful Colorado literature & information to read & aid our excursions, and everything we needed to feel right at home.
It was the perfect location for a mix of action & relaxation.  
The view out the front door:
Difficult to know where to begin as far as photo sharing.
A few shots of the scenery as we explored.   (Many more to come!)
Mountain climbers Eric, Johnathan, & Lilly, above.


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  2. Thanks for pointing out this post to me, it looks like a great trip. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in our fair state. Lovely photos!

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