June 16, 2012

Rummage Sales: I love them.

The weekend before we headed out west, I met my mom to hit up a group of rural area rummage sales.  This has been an annual event for us for a few years now, pretty much my personal version of Black Friday.
This year did not disappoint. 
I'm tickled about my finds.  And about it being rummage sale season. 
The kids & I are also planning to have a garage sale of our own sometime this summer.  Wait for it - it'll be good!
My haul:

$2 - Vintage Seco bath scale.  Made in Germany. 
Research tells me these guys are the leader in medical weighing & measuring, producing very accurate & long lasting scales, and that a similar one sells for $260. 
We have never had an awesomely reliable scale.  The kids love to see how they're growing.  Good find!  (it's pretty large - the photo doesn't offer much perspective.)

I also picked up a hen & chicks plant for $2.  Not a bargain, by any means.  But a better value than retail stores.  The lady said it will turn into 100 plants in a year or two.  It's already multiplying.
A basket of movies for the kids - I really just wanted Rascal, since it's one of my favorite books of all time.  But all of them, including the basket, which Lilly already claimed for small toy organization, were $1.00.
That's under 17¢ per movie, and the kids are enjoying them.
10¢ - cute little pint milk bottle, from a nice lady who had tons of stuff, but none of it quite for us.  I was glad I could buy something.  And I love old glass.
25¢ - frame.  And 50¢ - Planet Earth DVDs, both still in their plastic wrap.   
We LOVE the Planet Earth videos.  We already have them, but for a 50¢ I could not pass them up, in case ours should get scratched or something.  (they're quite a bit new!)
We have a ton of kid art for the kids' rooms, the small poster frame will work great to hang one of their masterpieces.
Various clothing.   Scarf & some tops for me.  Cute sweaters for Lilly to grow into.  Work shorts for Mitch.  4 pair of jeans for the teenagers.  A handful of T-shirts & summer clothes for the kids that were still in the laundry at the time I took these photos.  
All 25¢ - 50¢  except for the jeans which were mainly $1 a pair.
50¢ each - milkglass serving plates.  I'm kind of obsessed with milk glass lately.  I don't like storing added things in my cupboards.  But some kind of platters or plates to build a cake stand have been on my lookout list.  I wrote it down just the night before.  These aren't my every-day style, but kind of fun for special occasions.  I washed them up & used them later the same day for Lilly's birthday.
The exact plates go for $20 each on Etsy.  If I find over time that I don't use them enough & choose not to keep them anymore, 50¢ each was not much of an investment to fret over. 
$6.00 - Crock for kitchen utensils.   
This was my splurge of the day.  But this, too, has been on my list for quite a while. 
The crock we've been using for utensils all these years is too short.  The spatulas & spoons stand out taller than they sit in, and it makes for a lot of untidy splaying, tipping out, and scuffed up walls.  
So I've been on the lookout for a taller crock.  I watched one at Goodwill, but they wanted $9.00 and it was badly cracked.  I could have spent more for something retail that was made in China.  I've been holding out.  This was a good find, a nice old piece in good shape.
Washed it up, and what a treat to have all my spoons stay put nice & tidy.
50¢ - Piano music book full of great American sing-alongs.  City of New Orleans,  Down in the Valley,  Home on the Range,  The Mockingbirds Song,  Take me Out to the Ballgame,  This Land is Your Land,  Tis' A Gift To Be Simple (one of my favorite songs ever),  Turn, Turn, Turn,  and so on.  Sixty some songs.   Now to learn to play them.  
Owls are just cool, and I have plans for a makeover for this one, which is a book-end without it's match, and was a quarter.

25¢ - Cute little Bake Oven bowl.  It's yellow.  (Enough said)
I also got a really nice quality comforter for Eric's bed.  It's washed up & on there.  His room is a mess, so I don't have a photo.   A big bucket of healthy chive plant, which is growing in the garden.   A lampshade.  I bought a lamp quite a while ago that needs a shade, and I just can't justify the price tag of a new one.  So I've been watching, & thinking of making my own drum shade - so I was pleased to find one for 50¢.  And somewhere I bought a book for a quarter.  I thought I'd read it while traveling.   Ha!  No time for that.  :)

But my haul of the day (though it might not look like much yet)...
50¢ each - unique director style chairs for front porch.   Plus everything else you see here for free.
I've been trying to arrange our front porch this past month, and struggling.  We've always had room for one Adirondack chair, but I've been aiming for a paired seating, and they're just too massive for the space.  I finally decided I'd have to look for a pair of smaller framed chairs.   It was on my list!
A little rough looking now, but with a simple new fabric job & a little tightening of screws & shot of paint... I think they'll be darling.  I can't wait to tackle them.    My mom guesses these ones are pretty old.  The way the seat fabric is installed is brilliant.  50¢ each!!  
I also got a galvanized wash tub thrown in for free.  
And some fishing bait containers (which we actually need, for hauling worms up to Canada.) 
And a sprayer.  Which has been on Mitch's shopping list, we've just forgotten to pick one up our last couple of trips to the big store.   This old metal one is of better quality & character.  I would have bought it, I don't know why the guy was handing all this stuff out to me.   Oh, and a bird feeder, too. 

All total, I spent under $25 for the day.  Just one pair of the like-new jeans I got for the boys would have cost double that new.   And besides, you just can't find treasures & character like this in a store. :)
Happy yard /rummage /garage sale season!


  1. Great finds! I love Garage Sales! I can't wait to see your chairs after you tackle them!

  2. Love your new patio set, too, Tracey!
    Picked up fabric & going to work on that today.

  3. Wow! Lucky you! You found some great stuff.

  4. Wow!! I'm ready to run to Minnesota - looks like you have better deals over there! lol Great finds and deals!