July 12, 2012

A Mid-Summer Night's Update : Ravens, Books, Clematis, Canada, Randomness

We're reaching the halfway point of summer vacation already. 
Days are busy & weeks are flying.

The kids helped my sister & brother-in-law bale hay today.
Lilly got to drive a tractor.  (I think she probably sat on someone's lap & steered.) 
Mason & Eric had a football meeting this evening on our way home.  They've been doing sprints & pass plays in the yard on even the most dreadfully hot days. They love football.
Mason has a canon of a throwing arm.  Eric has the strength & determination to lay himself out in effort to catch anything Mason throws. 
It was noticeable to me as I watched them play with other kids tonight, that that is not a universal or common effort.  And that Mason has a canon of a throwing arm.

On the highway as we drove from one place to another, I was bothered with the ravens along the road.
I don't know if it's the weather, or what, - but they all had their beaks wide open in this horrible expression as they walked around.
I wanted to say to them each, "You look ridiculous, Raven! Close your mouth!" 

Yesterday I started a new book.  Tonight I cried my eyes out and finished it.   It was the best book I've read in a while.  

I read a lot of books, but it's a rare one that I care to admit I have read & will urge someone else to.
More often than not I finish a book & put it straight in a bag that goes to Goodwill, because it hasn't passed my standards as worthy of keeping or passing on to anyone I know.
This one is a well worn copy that looks to have been read many times, and I can see why.
I won't soon forget this story.  

My clematis is blooming & our back deck has been one of my favorite places to be this week.

Johnathan went to Canada with Kristy & Billy & Grampa a couple of weeks ago. It was the longest & farthest he's been away without us. I had to write my first official letter of consent for a child to leave the country. I was so worried that they'd have trouble crossing the border, because I hadn't had time to get it notarized (he went on very short notice.) I understood it to be a pretty big deal.  (Our experience with customs & the border patrol is that they're very strict.  We have many stories of such.) Multiple sources of information said a letter of consent is required anytime both parents are not traveling with the child. That even if a child is traveling with one parent, but not the other, they must have a letter of consent from the other.
Well, Johnathan was in a vehicle with neither parent (nor anyone who even shares the same last name as him.) and they just scanned his little passport card & didn't even ask to look at the letter.  A whole lot of worrying about nothing! 
But it actually only caused me to worry more. Shouldn't they look to see that he has consent to leave the country?  Luckily he was in great & trusted hands.
He had a great time and returned home telling us about fish, bear, moose, wolves & more.
We'll be heading back up as a family soon. It's been over a year since our last visit. 
Johnathan & Grampa. Photo thanks to Auntie Kristy.

Tonight before bedtime Beau & I read "Thidwick the Bighearted Moose."
It's one of my favorites & so is he.

The other day as I was putting groceries away, the kids had run over to visit Marianne. I was surprised to see her at our door a while later; they had fetched her & brought her home. Marianne, 93, has a liking for riding in our Ranger ATV.  We had a nice visit, it was my mind's most memorable captured image of the week - she & our three little ones driving off (Johnathan behind the wheel) to take her home. Wished I'd had a camera. It was a sight that made me grin for a while after they were out of sight.

We've reached that point in summer when the no-see-ums come in through the window screens at night & swarm any light source & bite. 

I've been working on lots of projects & we've been going lots of places.

I'll turn off this no-see-um magnet for now & share about those projects & places soon.

"..it connects the part of my head that is busy doing things with the part that is busy thinking about everything else."  - Sarah Agnes Prine (These is my Words) - on writing.

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