July 9, 2012

Vermilion Gorge. Crane Lake, Minnesota.

We spent the afternoon & evening of July 3rd on Crane Lake.   Mitch had a meeting, so Johnathan, Lilly, & Beau splashed & swam and I did some reading with my toes in the sand while we waited.  We were amidst our first-week-of-July heatwave, and the breeze off the lake felt fantastic.  (Mason & Eric had gone fishing back home with a friend.)
Later we had a chance to head over to the Gorge, where the Vermilion River enters Crane Lake.
We've visited nearby Vermilion Falls a few times, but I've really been wanting to see the gorge. 
There are two different trails that take you there, we took the one that requires a boat.
It's beautiful!    Well worth the short hike in the heat.  
Lilly at the mouth of the Vermilion River.
I have a strong love for things that grow out of solid rock.   And for shorelines where the water meets the same.
After admiring the gorge & a boat ride around the lake, we docked back up & enjoyed dinner on the deck at the Lodge.
It was a wonderful 3rd of July.

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