August 27, 2012

Newport, Oregon : Orange Evolution

I took this photo in April of 2010 while we were exploring the Oregon Coast for a few days.
I LOVED it there.  We flew into Portland and drove out to Cannon Beach where we stayed our first night.  Then we set out and explored south each day until we were exhausted & hungry & ready to find a place to rest for the night.  We mostly stuck to natural terrain, but we went dock wandering in the town of Newport on our last night's stay.
Nearby Yaquina Head & Lighthouse were gorgeous, offering fabulous views of bird life & sea life & the spectacular tide.  Newport is also home of Nye Beach, and the Yaquina Bay Bridge, one of the most recognizable of U.S. Highway 101. 
We enjoyed all of the above & I photographed them, as well. 
It was a quiet evening, and we weren't sure if we were supposed to be walking these docks. 
There were hoses & cords running this way & that, and sea lions barking a little ways away. 
One swam around & surfaced, blowing air a few feet away & startling us now & then. 
I loved the bright colors of fishing nets.  I also enjoyed reading the names of the boats. 
The Oregon Coast was one of my favorite destinations ever.
See more of my photos of all of the above here. 


  1. I love the bright color in this boat. I went out this past week to take some shots of our shrimp boats...none were as colorful as this one!

    1. The Newport docks were full of colorful boats - some fun blue ones, too!
      I see you're from the Gulf area.. we were down on Grand Isle, LA a year and a half ago - I didn't see any bright boats there, but the houses! So colorful!

  2. What a brilliant image! The stark contrast between oranges and black and white is very effective. And the water looks almost like glass or a mirror. Beautiful. Thank you for joining in on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

    1. Such a fun idea, thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Great capture.

    I played too. Mine is here.

  4. I ADORE that orange!! What a great shot!
    When I was in high school, we took a trip to the Oregon coast to visit family. I loved it out there! Such beautiful country, and so green...I tried really really hard to convince my parents to let me finish high school there. No luck.
    Which is a good thing, since I met Darin later that year. :)