August 16, 2012

Picnics, Plums, Painting, Friends.

As summer winds down, Beau & Lilly have been loving backyard picnic lunches.

Lemonade, black raspberry jam sandwiches, lots of peaches & plums.
They love plums.

McGee sure loves picnics, too.

A couple of weeks ago I came to the realization that Lilly hadn't seen or played with another girl all summer since school got out.  She's been busy with plenty of great experiences, and she stays content playing with brothers.  But I felt kind of guilty about it.  We finally had one of her pals over last week for some girl time. 
Visitor kids always stay busy rowing & paddling around our pond. But Lilly and Taylor just jump right in & swim like fish.  They did some painting in between being in & out of the pond all day.

Lilly's waterfall masterpiece.
It's painted on the back of cereal box cardboard. I framed it.

They also did some clay sculpting.

We continued to get in friend time the past week.
Beau hosted another picnic.
Again, McGee at his happiest.

Johnathan was missing because he went to work out of town all last week with his Dad. Kind of a special opportunity for him.
I hear he was an excellent worker, and he enjoyed a little fishing & exploring inside Voyageurs Nat'l Park. Lucky duck.
He's been quite a traveler this summer vacation.
Earlier this week he had one of his good pals over. They caught some dandy frogs in the pond & roasted marshmallows just before dark.  
Hanging on to summer while we can.

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