September 20, 2012

Antiquing, Crosby, MN. Good finds & Balance.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, and since I'm now without kids during the day, I was able to go with her & spend an easy going day in Crosby, MN.
Mitch's grandma used to live near Crosby.  It's a great little town with it's main street lined with antique shops. We browsed every nook & cranny (and loft & basement) of them.  We had a nice lunch, with homemade pie for my mom, and a chocolate chunk cookie for me, at the very friendly Heartland Kitchen & Cafe.
And we found a few treasures.
(Bear with me on the first few photos, as they were taken with my very un-fancy phone.)

I was tempted to get this yellow chair for our porch.
I have too many chairs, though, and resisted. For now.

I love these glass fishing floats. But, like many other things I admire, they aren't functional.
For instance, I've come across great deals on vintage cameras several times. They're cool!  But the only purpose they would have is to sit on a shelf & take up space.  So I refrain.
The only thing these nifty floats could do for me besides look pretty is break.
Beauty and function: The prerequisite that helps keep me under control.  Most of the time. ☺

One shop had store cats.  The lady there was so nice, too.  I thought she might talk forever.  (Is that what people think of me sometimes?)

Here are my four take home finds of the day:
1. Watkins vanilla extract bottle.
2. Cute aqua colored pie plate / dish.
3. Mason jar (even though I have so many already.)
The small glass bottle with the flower was already mine, Beau picked the coreopsis for me at least a month ago. It has lasted wonderfully. They are there for balance, both visual and physical...
4. The scale was my big (yet not too big) buy of the day.

I bought both the mason jar & the Watkins bottle because of their tops.
The jar has a glass lid.  I have some with wire-over-glass closures, but not this glass lid with band type.
And the shiny yellow bottle cap with our name on it was just begging to become a magnet on our refrigerator.

I saw many other things I liked all day, but none of them were uniquely stand-out yet sensible at the same time.  Until I saw this scale hiding on a shelf.  Interesting!

I haven't found out much about it yet. We couldn't really tell if it was old or not. If it is, it's in excellent condition. If it's not, at least it's not made in China, and it's very heavy & cool.

I've been analyzing why I was so drawn to it. I decided maybe it's because I like balance so much.
Right now I have it as a centerpiece on our table.. the kids have enjoyed balancing apples & things on it.

My mom also found a couple of good finds. 
It rained briefly and even hailed once while we were busy wandering inside shops.  But every time we stepped out on the sidewalk again, it was pleasant. 
We drove by Mitch's grandma Dee's old house on Serpent Lake as we left..  I always enjoy seeing that it still looks the same.
It was a good day!

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