September 16, 2012

Approaching Autumn

We're approaching the first day of Autumn this week, and it's showing here in northern Minnesota. 
It was a beautiful weekend.  The days have been warm & sunny, while the nighttime temps have dipped low.  Some have had their first frost.  We're pretty protected in the woods & didn't freeze just yet.     
Along with football and school, hunting season is here now, making it feel officially like Fall. 
I had a successful archer this morning.  So proud of my kids. 
Mr. Jacobson delivered yet another load of apples this afternoon & there are vegetables to be gathered from the garden.
Select trees are starting to turn and the leaves of the basswood in the backyard are falling.

For the love of fall color, linking up with Mandarin Monday.


  1. I love autumn too - although where I live it isn't as dramatic. Not so many crunchy leaves either:) Your image is lovely- beautiful colour combination-very rich orange against the blue. I like the dark lines of the stem going across too - seems to unify it. Thanks so much for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  2. Autumn has all my favorite colors, especially the oranges and yellows. I love your photo. Some of our trees are beginning to change colors now too. Pretty soon, I'll be able to get some great photos of them. You have a great day.

  3. Wow...look at those leaves. How stunning. We don't have such a colorful display here in Florida...but we do have subtle changes.

  4. One thing that is certain about Minnesota is that we experience all four seasons in full form! :)
    Thank you all for stopping by & for your kind comments.

  5. The beauty of the Fall season!

    Visiting from Mandarin Orange Monday!
    My Orange post, your comment will be greatly appreciated.

  6. Autumn is so beautiful!

    Visiting from MOM- hope you can stop by..