September 13, 2012

Week One with all of my kids in school.

The days are quiet. That's the biggest thing to get used to. But I'm a person who enjoys quiet sometimes.
So far since my life changed with all my kids starting off to school, I spent four days in the garage prepping for & then having a garage sale.
I got rid of TONS of stuff. Large masses of bulk of tons of stuff.
In the first few hours I made enough to not only pay our admittance to the boys' football game that evening, but to purchase our annual family pass to watch them at all of their sports (which we also pay for them to play) at home games this year.
Not bad! A good use of funds.
The garage sale really kept me busy the first few days of solitude.
I have stayed on top of laundry every day. No more mountains! (Much less football stink!)
I have gone to town on my own during daytime weekday hours. Weird!
I hauled away several bags of stuff to Goodwill & tackled odd jobs, like organizing & cleaning out cupboards.
I have actually been early at doing a few tasks, rather than late.

Here are a few pictures of the three younger kids when they got home on the first day of school.

Beau scuffed up the corner of his eye the night before school started.

And he loves kindergarten.

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