October 6, 2012

The best day of my week.

Monday & Tuesday had been gloriously beautiful.  Wednesday I had many things on my to-do list, but it was the one day of the week the Mr. had free.  The weather was predicted to take a plunge and I knew it was likely our last nice day of fall while the leaves were still hanging on. 
So we seized it.  
We loaded the kayaks and enjoyed what I think ended up to be the most beautiful day of the year on a secluded lake, which we had all to ourselves.  It was the best day of my week. 
Sure enough, we had snow in the air Thursday & Friday, along with icy wind & rain.  The colors have faded & the leaves have dropped. 
I'll have many more photos of our colorful portage & this designated Semiprimitive Non-motorized Area.  
For now, my favorite photo of the week:  Grateful for this beautiful day of pristine water & Fall's blazing reflections.

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  1. Very peaceful and calm. Nice picture indeed.

  2. hi amanda!

    dropping by via nancy's. what an exquisite image!!
    i love it!

    very nicely done!:)

    i love your blog.

  3. Beautiful photo! -wish I was there ;)

  4. What a lovely moment you have had kayaking in the middle of the vast, breath-aching landscape! I find lakes / sea / water in general bringing such a peace - to go a walk by a lake, to let your eyes rest at the endless horizon of the sea - And to be surrounded by water when swimming :-)
    I'm happy to have found your blog & look forward of seing more of the beautiful Canadian nature!

  5. Interesting composition and beautiful colour. And weren't you lucky to be able to go kayaking there!

  6. Beautiful shot! I love the stillness of the water with the changing fall leaves.

  7. Fabulous shot and I love the backstory. Thank you so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best, Amanda. xo

  8. Hi Amanda, nice to meet you. Your photo is beautiful. Glad you got out on that nice day. The colors in Northern Minnesota are always much more colorful than here in Southwestern Minnesota. I love going up to the North Shore but haven't for several years now.
    I am your newest follower.

    1. The North Shore is one of my favorite places on earth! We haven't been up there for a few years, either. Seems silly, since we're in Duluth so often. Late in August we took a little trip down around the south shore instead.. something different for us. Not the same majestic beauty of the north shore, but a wonderful time!

  9. I love that you scrapped your to-do list and hopped into your kayaks. What a gorgeous and peaceful photo.

  10. You are so talented! Gorgeous shot, I love it.

  11. Wow! What a beautiful place!

  12. Great Autumn colours - I think taking pictures of water from the water brings a new feel to the pictures.

    I dont think I should let me son see the treat post!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  13. Så fantastiskt vackert, lugnt och fridfullt att få
    glida fram i en kanot!

  14. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing at Your Sunday Best.