November 2, 2012

Halloween. (At which Time I Moonlight as a Costume Designer.)

We carved pumpkins this week.
We saved the seeds & I roasted them for the first time in my adult life.
The kids like them, but I feel like eating them is similar to chewing on salty flavored bits of wood or sunflower seed shells.
Tuesday after school we got to tackling our costumes. Nothing like leaving things til the last minute!
Several weeks ago, it occurred to me we should start planning ahead for Halloween. (fail) Anyway, I ran a bunch of ideas past the kids & was working on Johnathan, listing random things that would be easy to pull off, when I said, "A carrot!"
I joked that we could dress him all in orange & put an orange stocking cap on with greens coming out the top. He just smiled a sweet, embarrassed smile, and shook his head. You could tell he was thinking, "My poor Mom is hopelessly goofy."
Well about a month later he came home from school one day & randomly said, "I guess I will be a carrot."
I thought I had some orange fabric in my fabric stacks.  I sure hoped so, as I finally went to look for it the evening before Halloween. 
Sure enough!  Plain orange fabric, and plenty of it.
With a vague idea in mind, I started cutting and winging it as I went.
Despite my clumsy guess work, it came together pretty good!   For a little more thickness & form, I used an old mattress pad that had been used as a moving blanket, quilting it together with the orange.  I slipped a drawstring in the top & then started in on his carrot top. I was banking on finding some green felt somewhere in my craft stash, but only found one piece.  So I scavenged around & used an old green sweatshirt. 
I worked at fast pace, knowing I still had Lilly's costume to make.  I hacked up the greens, sewed some together, added a few gobs of craft glue.
And here's the finished product: 
Johnathan was one Super Creepy Carrot!  He looked really good with his friends, the banana & the hotdog, at school.  (Beau has been running around the house all evening today as "Super Carrot" and it actually fits him even better.)

On to Lilly's costume.. clock was ticking. 
Lilly had planned all along to be something entirely different, but I hadn't quite come up with all the elements needed for her costume.   Looking at the clock after finishing Johnathan's, I halfheartedly asked her if she wanted to be a cowgirl instead.
(When digging through the dress up box with Beau, we had come across the old chaps & vest I whipped up for Eric when he was a cowboy at about 8 years old.)
After weeks of being very particular about her plan, she cheerfully said, "Sure."  
Wasn't expecting that!
We gathered up all things cowgirl & put it all together just in time for bed.
Lilly's a little smaller than Eric was at eight years, so I had to alter the chaps with some darts, which took only about a minute.
She strapped on a holster & we found Mason & Eric's old spurs.    For trick-or-treating she used an old leather satchel for candy.  Mitch bought it as a young boy during his summers in Texas with his grandparents.  
The look was all Lilly.  She does a Wild West stare down very well.

And finally, Beau.  He dresses up as some super hero or wild thing on any given day.
For Halloween he'd planned on being a skeleton. It was in our dress up box. 
He's been dancing in the dark wearing the glow in the dark bones for days.  
When packing his backpack for the party at school, he decided to bring a mask & last year's wizard cape for added measure.
He was Skeleton Batman, and very happy.

They had fun at their school parties & costume parade.
We spent the evening trick-or-treating at all of our usual stops. 
Plenty of candy, and a lot to pack in on a school night! 
Our teenagers declared again that they're "too old to dress up" this year. 
(But they sure like the candy! They're lucky we share.)

9:30 the night before Halloween wasn't bad for me as far as getting costumes done & packed for school.  But next year I might aim for a few days earlier! 
You can see last year's October 30th costume designs here: 
A Gnome, a Vampire, and a Wizard.


  1. Fun blog. Enjoyed the neat outfits, large Pumpkin and beatiful scenery north of Grand Rapids. We were up a Scenic State Park about the same time camping with friends... and fishing as well...:)

  2. Thanks! Glad to hear you were up in the northern part of the state during that beautiful stretch of fall we had!

  3. Love the costumes! The carrot turned out fantastic!!