November 4, 2012

Harvest Season. Macro Monday.

Mason harvested a beautiful whitetail buck over the weekend.
Everything about these animals is fascinating.  Their patterns & development & behaviors are a passion of Mitch's, and through that, I've learned a lot.  The re-growth of their antlers is just one of many interesting phenomenons to observe.  We've gathered many shed antlers from our property over the years, they have graced our mantel since long before turning into a design trend.  :)
This great guy had been busy rubbing.  The top of his head was soaked from the snow covering we'd had the night before & the base of his antlers were full of wood scrapings.  He smelled of fresh pine.  

A photo of Mason with his harvest, as well as my strong thoughts & values regarding the hunting season, can be seen here:  In which I share candidly about Eating Wild, Ethical Hunting, Respect for Wildlife, and Taking Respectful Photos.  I put my heart into this, in hopes not to offend anyone, but to inspire a deeper thinking and help build a more respectable reputation for hunters. 

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  1. nice perspective! :)

    Dropping by from Macro Monday…A Ladybug?

  2. I very much appreciate your perspective. Thank you for sharing.

  3. intresting post, thank you for taking the time to put it together it is always good to see things from the hunter point of view as much as anyone elses, lovely macro photo! I found you via macro monday my post is over at where as I sm signed into my google blogspot account to post this comment :)

  4. I keep looking for shed antlers in our woods, which is bisected by many deer trails, but I've never found any!

    1. Check along fence lines. When the antler is ready to fall off, it will often happen on impact where a deer jumps a fence. I've never found one, either - but my husband has got an eye for them, the kids have found them, and so has our dog! One spring I was working in the garden, when McGee, trotted up & dropped a great big antler in the freshly tilled dirt. It was green with algae from being in the swamp.
      He was about a year old- we thought it would be pretty neat if he made a habit of finding them, but that was his first & only. :)

  5. Yes, would have been a nice habit, but even without that you shot a really great picture!