November 9, 2012

Johnathan. Ten Years.

Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of Johnathan's birth.
I reflected on the day we brought him into the world as one of the best, most peaceful, and important days of my life. There's no doubt he is one of the best, most peaceful, and important gifts in it.

We enjoyed a quiet evening together after school.  All five kids came home on the bus!  (Just a few more days until basketball kicks in full time after school.)  Dad came home from working far away.
We all had dinner at the kitchen table together.  And when the clock passed 6:08, the time he came into the world a decade ago, he blew out his ten candles & we enjoyed birthday cake.
It was the perfect way to spend the evening, reminding me very much of the evening he was born - quiet, peaceful, together, happy. 
(Tonight he'll have a group of friends over to get noisy & celebrate.)

About Johnathan, Age 10:

He's nudging on 4' 6" tall.
4th grader.
Did outstanding on his recent Earth & Geography unit assignment.
Enjoys fishing and grouse hunting.
An excellent shot at the target with his bow & arrow.
Likes to read.
Fast runner.
Easy going "middle child."
Continues to be one of the greatest nature observers I've ever known.
Prefers only cold lunch.  PB&J.
Friends from school call him Johnny. 
Grampa calls him Little Bear (since the day he was born!)
I will always call him Johnathan.  :)


  1. Sweet! It only gets busier and busier as they move up the ladder to high school. Many fond memories of our two sons making that journey...:)

  2. Congratulations - a lovely birthday celebration with all the loved ones around, what a nice tradition blowing the candles as the clock passes his birth moment!