December 8, 2012

Bayfield Episcopal Church (& My Love for Old Places)

My heart swells & my mind soars when it comes to old houses & architecture.
I love their character.  I want to know their history.  I imagine them being built & in their prime. 
This afternoon we looked at an old house, for sale and in serious need of TLC.  I learned of it just two days ago, and had already fallen for it.  I had already pictured Mitch & I going to work each day together, renovating it.  Images of it's potential had taken root in my head. 
My mind occasionally gets ahead of me. 
We hadn't even turned the engine off before I could see his mind was made up against it. 
Where I saw beauty & potential, he saw- well, I won't share his choice of words.
Still, I peered through windows & fell in love.  The entry, the doors, even the gutted layout and the berries on the overgrown vine hanging outside... they got me.  
I have a weakness for old architecture & abandoned places.

Back in late August we took a brief mid-week trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin for our 15th wedding anniversary.
What drew us to Bayfield was the south shore of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands, which I shared about here.  But we also visited orchards, sampled wines, browsed a couple of junk shops & admired great architecture. 
Bayfield is loaded with historical architecture.
We spent an afternoon walking around town, checking out beautiful old buildings.  One that we stumbled upon was the Christ Episcopal Church, built in 1870 and charming as can be.  (White board & batten gets me every time.) 
It's original construction cost was $1,500.  I'm blown away by what church construction is costing for institutional looking facilities these days.
On the National Register of Historic Places, it's a "delicately proportioned" little church, and a wonderful example of construction character gone-by. 
It even had a whimsical little side garden.

I might have to head back to the aforementioned house with my camera, to capture & preserve the details that tugged my heartstrings.   


  1. What a lovely old church. I like old buildings and architecture too. I think you should go back and photograph the house.
    I'm going to go read about your trip to the Apostle Islands now. Many years ago I visited there and took boat trips out to the Islands to visit the lighthouses.

  2. Hi Amanda, I'm also fond of old buildings .... They have stories to tell, somehow. Such a lovely church with all the carved details!Old houses have the special sounds as well, the floor that is creaking etc.

  3. The is a beautiful little church! And I have the same reaction to old houses, but husband sounds a lot like yours, though. When we were house shopping three years ago, an old house wasn't going to be option, unless I wanted to do all the work on it myself. :)

  4. What a beautiful church..I bet the music is especially sweet in this one. The details are incredible (as is the photography!).

  5. Oh my word...what a charming little church! I absolutely would love to see this in person! Great captures! Visiting & following from the hop. Look forward to your next post!

  6. Lindas !Adorei ver! beijos,chica

  7. Very interesting. Sadly there are lots of abandoned farm places here in Bluff Country and I often wonder about there stories. Also Bayfield and the whole Wisconsin/Michigan shore reminds me of taking our eldest son up to Michigan Tech many falls ago. What a beautiful area...:)

  8. Lovely building and you captured the interesting details of it! I especially like the tower (and I do love old houses/buildings as well:) ). Thanks for sharing it!

  9. Beautiful church! I, too, am in love with old buildings and abandoned places. :)

  10. There is something wonderful by looking at older buildings. You can almost still see people of yesteryears walking about going in and out of them. You can picture a young family excitedly moving in and setting up homestead in the homes that are now falling apart. It's kinda sad in a way. Nice post.