February 1, 2013

February First : Five Facts

1. Another cold snap; last night was biting cold.  Mitch was on a roof in -30° wind chills yesterday.  Today's high was -2°.

2.  There's a paratrooper in my shower.  I'm often amused with the toys I find in the bath tub, and think of how I'll miss them some day.

3. I colored Lilly & Beau's hair purple for their big brothers' basketball game last night. (It's Winterfest week at school, and it washes out.) 

4.  We were visited by friends with small children twice this week.  I was reminded in both cases how "on-your-toes" life is when your children are one year old.  Beau turns six this month.. those days are growing more distant.

5.  Two of our favorite people in the world have been in our thoughts.  Mitch's grandma Dee, and my childhood neighbor & dear family friend, Violet.  Our hearts are filled with gratitude for their kindness & character shared throughout our lives, and hopes for their peace & comfort.


  1. Hi there - one of my kids is slowly moving away for the need for some of his soft animals - I going to miss them! A day without a bear will seem empty!

    We coloured our kids hair blue for a sport day - the shower water had a hint of that colour for about a week!!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Love the hair! They both look super cool/cute. :)