March 1, 2013

Five Facts Friday : March 1st

1.  It's March!   The sun has been shining strong, the days are growing noticeably longer.  I shoveled the foot of packed snow off our back deck in boots and a t-shirt this week.  Days like that- snow & t-shirt weather, warm sunshine meeting cool snow.. there is a nostalgia in the fresh air.  Feels something like spring.

2.  Lilly & Beau are attending a play at a local theater with their school classes today.  I've been thinking back over all the live theater we've seen over the years.  Our kids have each been to a movie theater 1-2 times in their lives.  (Maybe 3 or 4 for the kids who've hit double digit ages.)
But they've been to quite a selection of live shows. 
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.. Harold & the Purple Crayon (which was fantastic!) ..Seussical the Musical.. Beauty & the Beast (Mason & Eric were about 6 years old, and may have been some of the only boys in an audience filled with little girls dressed in their best ruffles).. Thomas the Tank Engine.. Bunnicula.. and The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe are some that come to mind.
They've been to others with their school, too.  Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse.. Fancy Nancy.. and today they saw The Gruffalo, presented from a theater company all the way from London. 
Not bad for such a rural area, so far from any cities.

3.  Today is Mason & Eric's final regular season basketball game of 9th grade. 
It's also Parents Night.  March will bring us a couple of weeks off between sports, until baseball practice begins.

4.  I made some things for a bake sale being held at the basketball game this evening.  The event is for our local Relay For Life team, to support the fight against cancer. 
No one I personally know has been more affected by the disease than my dad's family.  Like me, my grandma had 4 sons.  She lost two of them as bright, growing young men, to cancer.  A tumor also took her oldest daughter's husband during that time, leaving two granddaughters without a father, one of them not yet born to meet him. 
If it can help a family being affected by cancer, in even the slightest way, then making some cookies is the very least I can do.  

5.  I'm thrilled that the weekend is here.  Every weekend in February brought something difficult, extra, or unexpected for us.  I look forward to the next two days without obligation, to enjoy at our leisure.

And because no post is complete without a photo.. 
Here is one for Weekend Reflections.
I caught some of today's cookies-for-a-cause reflected in my pots & pans as they cooled on racks just below.


  1. It is so nice to catch up on you... And your reflection is very unique, and very creative.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    The first warm spring days are wonderful - the contrast with the snow and the warmth from the sun so special!
    The support and attention around cancer is valuable, luckily today there's more knowledge about treatment, nutrition eg. ... my family has had cancer close by, both from my mom's and dad's side - so thankful that the treatments have had a positive effect with my mom and aunties - at the same time missing my uncle and auntie, whom we lost some years ago. These experiences have bind us closer to one another & made us very thankful for each day ... enjoying this moment at hand - that's how life goes on, one moment at a time ;-)
    Your photos with the reflections on cookies are great ... I studied them closely before reading the text - I was curious if it was taken horizontally and afterwards tipped to a vertical position, until I found the reflections ... but it was only after reading your post, that I found the secret of what the white spots really were.
    And thank you for the tip on signing the mat board with a pencil - I think I'll try that (somehow the whole idea of signing them didn't occur to me before my colleque pointed out to me that a signature usually is written somewhere ... but the more subtle, the better, I think),
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Who wouldn't love reflections of homemade cookies! (Not quite as much as I'd love eating the real things, but a great picture nonetheless!)

  4. The thought of homemade cookis is making me feel very, VERY hungry. YUM! I hope you are enjoying a lovely, peaceful weekend.

  5. I hope some of them are chocolate chips. Hmm, yummy... its making me hungry!

  6. Hi Amanda, Thank you kindly for your comment on my blog. It allowed me to find your interesting blog here! I like the style! Enjoyed reading your "five facts". Have a great day. John