April 21, 2013

Ramshackle to Repair : Vintage Director Chairs [Good find]

While we wait for for the snow to go, and green to start springing up, I thought I'd share an update on the camp / director chairs I picked up for almost free on a rummage sale spree last summer.These chairs were a great find.  Very old, very cool, & they fit the description of something I was looking for.  But they were flaking, ripped, and rickety.

So here's what I did:
→  Bought new dowels for the missing seat. 
→  Used the old fabric pieces as patterns & sewed new ones out of an inexpensive canvas remnant.
→  Tightened up all of the joints with Tite Chair - a miracle glue that we swear by.  We used it on our kitchen chairs, after years of them working loose, and they haven't budged since.  
→  Did a little sanding and gave them a fresh coat of paint.
 (Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Granite)
From ramshackle to repaired, for roughly $5.
Makes me happy to make something old new again.
Also makes me happy to think that soon we'll be able to get our porch furniture back out, and it's almost rummage sale season.

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  1. Congratulations on your new / old director chairs, Amanda - The feeling of happiness - restoring the old to something new, nice and usable, and looking the result all your work must be such a pleasure!

  2. Great job! They look new. Hopefully you'll be using them soon!

  3. A fresh, new look for those lucky chairs. They were just waiting for a creative person like you.

  4. So cool! I am so impressed. :-)

  5. Cool cool! I love finding super things at thrift stores and then doing them up all pretty ;)

  6. these are awesome...great job!!
    i am linking to follow you. Come see me when you can.:)
    over from Honeysuckle...

  7. They turned out fantastic! Great job, Amanda!