April 30, 2013

Orchard & Berry Country : Superior View Farm

During our anniversary getaway to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore late last August (which was wonderful and can be seen here), we visited Hauser's Superior View Farm, a family nursery and orchard that's been in Bayfield, WI for over a century.  
The area surrounding Bayfield is rich with apple orchards & berry farms.

Hauser's barn was mail ordered from Sears Roebuck, hauled up the hill from Bayfield by horse drawn wagons, and built in the early 1920's. The barn originally cost $896.00.

Hauser's specializes in northern field-grown perennials. 
Outside, the barn is surrounded by plants & flowers. 

Inside you can sample & purchase different varieties of apples, produce, preserves, and more. 
The barn is also home to the Bayfield Winery (we did a little wine tasting and preferred the sweetness of their Cherry Farm House Cider) as well as a gift shop, and houses many interesting collections & antiques on display. 

Flowers hanging to dry in the hayloft:

We climbed upstairs to look out the window at the view of Lake Superior's Apostle Islands. 
In the window overlooking Lake Superior in the distance, there was this:

"I do my thing. 
And you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations.
And you are not in this world to live up to mine. 
You are you.  And I am I. 
And if by chance we find each other,
It's beautiful."

Quote by Frederick E. Perl
Carving, unknown.
Photo by me.

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  1. could i have a blackberry, please? those look delicious! great barn ceiling. have a good day! ( :

  2. I've really enjoyed reading this, Amanda ... love the photos, and it sounds like a place I would like to visit! I love the simple life ... we're working our way towards a more simple and humble abode, but it seems there are always obstacles in the way. I know someday we'll get there! In the meantime, I'm so glad I happened upon your 'wildly simple' blog through Tuesday Muse! Your images are so charming, and I'm going to enjoy following you! Really like the saying carved in that board, too! Have a wonderful week! :)

  3. Definitely looks like a nice place to visit. I liked the carving.

  4. Interesting story about the Sears barn. : )

  5. The flowers drying in the hayloft are great!! thanks for posting your great barn picture!

  6. Well if you by any chance happen to come to Wisconsin again I really think you should let me know so we can maybe set something up ;)

  7. I think they got a real bargain with that Sears barn. This sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

  8. The quote carved on that old piece of wood is a treasure. So glad you captured it for us to see.

    Thanks again for joining TM this week Amanda. xo

  9. What a beautiful farm! If I ever make it to Wisconsin, it'll definitely be on my must-see list. Love your photos and the wood engraved quote... (thank you for visiting my blog :)

  10. Your pictures always seem to have light coming out of them, even with those dark blackberries. So beautiful! :-)

  11. What a delightful post. This looks like a great place to visit. Those blackberries look so delicious.

  12. It looks like a lovely place to visit. And I have to agree with George, that is one heck of a bargain for a beautiful barn. That quote spoke right to my heart. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. frederick sounds as if he has his act together. order a barn from Sears. bet that hasn't been on offer for a while. not a shabby barn either!

  14. This farm looks fantastic. I love the way you used to be able to order homes and barns from the Sears catalog - a whole different perspective on mail order! Your photos capture this farm beautifully!

  15. These are some great shots - I just love that yellow flower!

  16. Oh great that's a lovely tour, and thanks for letting us know a world we might not be able to see in this lifetime. That quote has been in my mind, memorized since i was young many decades ago, thanks for the reminder!

  17. I love the flowers hanging to dry in the hayloft! Really cool photo of them, too :) And I just want to reach out and grab those blackberries! Yum. It looks like an awesome place so thanks for giving us a tour!

  18. What a wonderful place to celebrate an anniversary! We love Bayfield and have spent time at the Apostle Island's View Campground as well. Even in the past when we have thought about relocating, there's just something about that huge lake that is like a geographical anchor to me. Even though it's 2 hours to the north of us, we love to visit Lake Superior at both Bayfield and Duluth.

    Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment on my vintage Wisconsin postcards!

  19. What a beauty of a barn... other images, too!
    I'm runnin very late this week... but thank you for joining =)

  20. Beautiful verse carved on the wood! Your second last of the herbs drying - wow, just stunning, what lovely treats for the eyes.