April 5, 2013

Random Five Friday : Spring is Taking it's Time.

1.  I went to the car wash this week & blasted a whole lot of winter salt & spring mud away.  Afterward, I got a much needed oil change.  I learned that there's a nail in one of my back tires.  It doesn't appear to be leaking, though, so they left it.  My back window wiper arm is broken, and a chunk of frozen snow this winter partially tore off a front mud flap.

2.  Our local library sits right along the river and is full of coziness.  I've been stopping by to look for the third book in a series I'm reading..  I read the first book not knowing it was part of a series.  I don't love it enough to want to buy the other books, but I have to finish the series to find out what happens, so I checked out the 2nd, and am waiting on the third to become available.
When I stopped there this week, I parked right next to a Harley Davidson.  It made my day to think of someone carrying a book bag to the library on a Harley (in northern MN spring weather, no less!)

3.  I rarely shop retail stores for more than household necessities. (Toothpaste, and that kind of stuff.) 
I'm a thrift-store regular.  When it comes to venturing out of the woods, thrift stores are my happy place.
I hear there's a rap song called "Thrift Shop" and find it absolutely repulsive.
I've scooped up some good finds lately, and will have to share them soon.  Perhaps no one cares, but to me, sharing is half the fun.  Or maybe just a third..  first there is the thrill of the find, then the enjoyment of putting it to use.

4.  I'm also an all-time religious recycler. 
We take our recycling to our nearby town, where a recycling company sets up in the corner of a grocery store parking lot twice a week. (I did this Wednesday, when I hit up the library & car wash & oil change & thrift stores.)  These familiar recycling workers are out there rain, snow, icy wind, or shine, year round.  Kind of like stranger-friends.  They're friendly, and always help me with unloading my recyclables.  Recycling day always leaves me with a feel-good kind of feeling.

5.  It's been chilly, still below freezing every night.   The snow hasn't been melting as fast this week as it was last week.  Which is ok, giving the ground a chance to catch up with absorbing & running all the water away.  The kids reveled in puddles for a few days & have gotten their bikes down from winter storage.
The photos below were taken in March last year.  
We've yet to see or hear frogs, maple blossoms, or green buds this April. 
The pond is still frozen and the yard is still in full snow cover. 
I did spy some unreachable pussy willows the other day, though. 

In following along with the rest of the world this past month, I've decided northern Minnesota feels likes it's the last place on Earth to green up in the Spring.  So much blossoming & bright color being shared from everywhere else!  ☺

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  1. Thank you for visiting me over at Living Life on Main Street. I hope you will come back again. I enjoyed reading a little about your life wherever it is.. where it's cold and the buds are just putting out and your library is so inviting a person could just stay there all day. Nice random 5.

  2. I love libraries! I do prefer to check out a book rather than buy it because I always feel guilty when I am finished reading it and no one wants to swap or borrow it! I hope they get your book in soon!

  3. Minneapolis is pretty darn brown as well.

  4. Hi Amanda, I look forward of seeing what you found from the Trift Shop! And I agree, there's nothing better than a quiet afternoon at the library ... finding books, sitting down and reading, enjoying the silence ... the only sound you hear is when somebody turns a page ... Enjoy reading the chronicles! At the moment I'm reading books related to a course / work, but in a while I'd like to find a book / serie to enjoy ... Is there something, you'd like to recommend?
    Love your beautiful pictures of "pajunkissa" (Catking? the tiny soft thing popping out of the Willow )-

    1. Nina, it made my day that you offered a little Finnish.. "kissa" was one of the handful of words I learned as a kid!
      One of my favorite book series I read this past year was the Sarah Agnes Prine series, starting with "These Is My Words." (By Nancy Turner.)
      I'm currently reading the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (translated to English from Swedish.) I don't necessarily recommend them... very graphic. I had no clue what I was getting into!
      Books that really make me happy & I'll gladly recommend to anyone are classics like Anne of Green Gables & James Harriot.
      I will definitely share my thrift finds!!

  5. Amanda

    Don't feel bad, North West South Dakota has very few signs of spring. A little grass trying to green and that is it. If we don't get any moisture I am not sure if we will be many blossoms or blooms.

    My car needs washed too. It's rather dusty. When I was in H.S. and working in town I was getting flat tires fixed regularly. I agree with you ... vehicles.

    Libraries are such neat places. There is just something about going into a Library that calms me. Once I start looking, one thing leads to another and I could spend hours just exploring books.

    "Thrift Shop" finds are always worth sharing! My Sister had a really awesome and huge 2nd Hand Store in a near by town. Lots of treasures to be had.

    I think it's OK that you dyed Easter Eggs after Easter. I am sure your kids will remember the fun of dyeing eggs together vs. the fact that they did it after Easter Sunday. Colored eggs in April taste better than white.

    Ranch Wife Robyn

  6. I actually am amazed at the difference between our springtime riot of blossoms and greenery and yours! We are almost at the same latitude, aren't we? I do hope it comes along soon, Amanda. You should be sharing in the beautiful springtime. :-)

    1. All the blossoms & green will eventually roll around for us in May. :)
      The snow is still about a foot deep covering out yard.
      It is gone in open places, but where we are protected by woods, it has been going slowly.
      The past couple of years (like in the photos) we've been ahead of schedule.. I think we're experiencing an old fashioned spring for our parts.
      Every year I record the first frogs and first wild blooms.. it's interesting to document the changes. I'm a bit of a phenology nerd!

  7. Thrift shop finds are always fun! :) A rap song. :( Ick. Why must something so good be demeaned in that way?

    Your pussy willows are delightful!

  8. the hubby loves thrift shops & antiquing. ( :

  9. A well ordered and productive time, the kind you need when you live out of town. Hoping your weather soon splashes golden sunny days and warm nights your way.

  10. Oh, it's slow going here as far as spring is concerned -- maybe this week things will start to emerge from their frozen cubby-holes. :)

    Thank you for sharing at R5F this week dear. xo

  11. I found your random thoughts to be very interesting. We also stop by the recycling center each week on our way to town. Our area does pretty well, but could do better. All of our snow is gone and it actually feels like Spring now.

  12. Yup it's Minnesota alright. Here in the tropical banana belt of the Gopher State it reached a torried 50 degrees as noon...:)

  13. I get tired of winter around February (I'm from Calif. where winter = about 19 inches of rain mixed with occasional frost). It seems so long in Washington state. . .until I read about snow burying other bloggers when we (at last!) have daffodils and trees in blossom. I need to quit whining. I hope your spring pictures this year are as lovely as these.

    Love thrift stores. Obsessive recycler. I wonder if the two are just naturally joined?

  14. Amanda, you are welcome to leave links in your comments anytime. Isn't photography and blogging a great way to capture those little details which as so easily over looked, yet well worth remembering.

  15. Hi Amanda. So nice meeting you thru Random 5, I see we have a lot in common & I've signed on as a follower. I live in Ga.

  16. Wonderful signs of spring!

  17. Hi Amanda - thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love your gorgeous photos and reading your "Random Five."