April 12, 2013

Five Facts Friday : The truth about April

1.  It's been snowing off & on for the past 36 hours.
Snow in April in our parts in not unusual.  (For some reason, people on facebook are freaking out.)
Last year we had this destructive storm in April.
The year before, we had significant snowfall in May:

It has snowed in April more often than not, all of my life. 
The big difference is that usually a final snow or two snows come after we get a good taste of Spring.. after we get used to our feet touching the earth again, after we rake our yards and maybe even till our gardens.  After the birds return, and the pond has opened up.  We usually fear for the tadpole eggs which have already been laid by the frogs, who've already reemerged from down under.
I find this post to be a pretty accurate photographic depiction of a typical April in northern Minnesota.
This year, we haven't had a thaw yet.  Everything is frozen.  No frogs.  No worms or birds.  No color.  No long evenings spent outside reveling in the spring air & increased daylight.  Instead, we're cooped up and it feels like December.  Not so much as even a real spring teaser yet.  

2.   We've had a long two weeks of doubling up on sports practices.  Basketball season was done some time ago, but the boys have a pacesetter tournament coming up.  This means after school they have baseball (which is currently in season.. games pending Mother Nature) from 4-6, and basketball from 6-8.   These four hours of sports practice after school make for a long day for them.  Tomorrow we'll watch them on the court.  It's very special watching our twin athletes play together.  It should be a fun day.

(Mason & Eric, 8th grade season.)

3.  I've been obsessing over the color green.  If you haven't checked out my Green Post of yesterday, you should.  It took a ridiculous amount of time to go through my archives selecting green photos and getting them to line up so nice in a post.  But I enjoyed it. ☺

4.  Sometimes I think if anyone could hear me play the piano during the day when I'm alone, they might think I've lost my marbles. 
Music is therapeutic. I enjoy playing. (It's just that I'm not all that good.)

5.  Tomorrow is our dear neighbor Marianne's 94th birthday.  She recently traveled to Arizona and brought me back a cookbook.   Marianne is extraordinary.  It's been a great fortune in life to be her neighbor these past 15 years.  Her sister, Helen, is 99.  Her 100th birthday is coming up this summer.  Marianne often goes to town to pick Helen up and takes her grocery shopping & out for lunch.  Sometimes she brings Helen out to the "farm" for an overnight visit & then runs her back to town.  As I said - extraordinary.

(The kids with a couple of their friends, singing "Happy Birthday" to Marianne last year, #93.)

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love music and also think it's therapeutic. I don't play an instrument, but i love to listen to classical.. Bach, Vivaldi, Ravel, etc. It's all so beautiful.

    Green is a wonderful, peaceful, restful color in all its shades.. :)

    1. I agree, Mary! Music & green - both very nice.

  2. Bless her heart -- I hope to be as spry as Marianne when I'm 60! Great 5 facts Amanda... thanks for joining in!

    1. She is AMAZING! She lives on 400 acres that surrounds us on two sides.
      We adore her.

  3. Good explanation of Apring in Minnesota, Amanda. The frozen line between the septic tank and the drain field is what making it so hard for us this spring. And Pacesetters bring back fond memories to me as my boys played in that several times and winning it all in St. Cloud was a highlight one year...:)

    1. Oh, no! No fun with the frozen lines.
      Winning at state - that's fantastic!

  4. I hope you will soon get at least a taste of Spring sometime soon. I'm not sure I could handle snow in May. You got a wonderful photo of your boys on the basketball court.

    1. I'm optimistic that Spring will be here by June!
      Still snowing.. winter weather advisory in effect the next day or so.

  5. It's encouraging to read about Marianna and Helen ... I hope you had a creeful party! The basket training sounds tought, yet it must be fun and good fellowship for the boys. I'd love to hear you play piano ,...It's somehow a poetic instrument, I like the sound - I hope I could play it :) (I played quitar at some point, now it's down in the basement ... maybe I should try & find it Again...)

  6. You asked if I name my hens and the answer is yes I do! Every single one! I can't imagine not naming them, we always have. The 3 I still have with names(the older hens) are Lois Lane, Jane (Janie) and Josephina (Josie). Love them!