April 18, 2013

Northern Minnesota This Morning.

Another beautiful, blustery spring day.
I laced up my snow boots & went for a walk this morning.
Normally there are so many signs of growth & life this time of year, I'm usually exhileratingly busy out exploring with my camera. 
Not the case this spring.  But I tried anyway.

Lilly & Beau decided to do some spring cleaning in their playhouse a few weeks ago, so they shoveled a path to it.

I've been thinking of the frogs & turtles these days. 
It's getting to be a long winter for them.
Our little cattail pond habitat is usually thriving with life this time of year.

The view from inside.

It's been a long winter of keeping warm.  I'm thankful that the woodshed isn't empty yet. 

Blustery & Gust-er-y. 

McGee already shed most of his winter coat weeks ago.  He's ready for spring.  

We all are. 
I had a dream that we watched the boys play baseball in the snow.  :)

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  1. What poetic shots of the snow. Seems as if most of us have had spring put on hold...

  2. You got some beautiful photos, even if they weren't what you usually get this time of year. Hopefully you will soon be able to get pictures with lots of green.

  3. Your pictures of the snowy day are so much prettier than mine.

  4. Holy crap that's alotta snow. I'll quit mentioning our measely snow showers now. :)

  5. Oh my, bluster and gustery looks about right. These are really beautiful images, but holy moly, I hope you get Spring someday soon!

  6. We are ready for spring too! It was 24* during chores this morning and very windy. In the upper 30's and windy now.

    We do have bright blue skies and big puffy clouds. Deceiving!

    My favorite picts are the first one and the cattail pond. I keep my camera at hand, but haven’t found a neat something to photograph. I shall keep looking!

  7. Lovely images of snow ... I can almost hear the Wind howling them looking at your 2nd last Photo. I hope the weather would turn warm soon, bringing the warm sunshine and smelting the snow!
    PS: Thank you for the book recommendations - I've read the trilogy of Stieg Larsson ... the first part of the 1st book was a bit heavy to get through, but then it changed - a rather brutal story, but yet I enjoyed the way Larsson described the main characters in his novel. I remember reading late in the evening, not ebing able to let go of the book - and saving the last pages of the last book just a few days, in order to prolong the process a bit :)

  8. As beautiful as the pictures are, I don't think I could stand anymore extremely cold weather at this point. We've had some gorgeous spring days and I dread when it gets so hot I have to run the a/c :)

    I laughed and laughed at your comment on my blog! That's hilarious and so typical of a boy. We have had some real epic fails in the kitchen but like you said, they are learning! (and it's fun)

  9. I just love all of your photos!! Thanks for visiting my blog and I am enjoying my return visit! :)

  10. Beautiful snow photos. I'll bet you are reallly ready for spring.

  11. These photos are really beautiful. However, I am sure, at this point in the calendar, that you are ready for some warmer weather.

  12. Since I have been yammering on about the snow we have been getting I feel bad because you guys have SO MUCH MORE. I hope spring comes soon for you and me both!

  13. Not sure I could stand snow this long into spring. I hope you get warm weather soon. Love all of your shots.

  14. I never thought I would be so grateful for a rainy day. I hope you guys thaw out soon! Glad to see you're finding the beauty in it!

  15. Be careful what you dream about - I remember watching Ronnie play baseball (Nashwauk tournament, I think) during a snowstorm. Made for some fun pictures though. :)