April 15, 2013

Thrifting : Good Finds for the Kitchen (ninety-nine cents or less!)

We're amidst a snow day. School is canceled.
While the weather has us cooped up and I daydream of green, my attention has turned indoors. 
Time to share some recent thrift finds. 
(As mentioned recently, because sharing is half a third of the fun!)   

A week or so ago, I found this sweet apron, which I could not resist. 
I have a bit of a thing for a dash of green in my kitchen.  It was a steal at 99¢.

I love this apron!  I think the sheer fabric is called batiste?  It's flawless. 
I should have pressed it for a photo, but, in all honestly, I don't iron that often.  :)

Poppin Fresh Pies tin, I believe this was also 99¢ (if not less.)

Aluminum measuring cups.  39¢ - 69¢ each.  (I've been on a year or two campaign to rid our kitchen of as much plastic as possible..  I've found a couple of sets of metal measuring spoons, as well.)

I've collected an assortment of beautiful white dishes over past months. 
I couldn't pass up on these classic little Pfaltzgraff cups for 49¢ each.

We remodeled our kitchen about two years ago - it was a work in progress for about another year or so.  We still have some timbers we'd planned on incorporating, but other than that, it's finished & settled into. 
It has been a major improvement to the function of the heart of our home.   We went from a kitchen full of things that drove us crazy, to a kitchen we love.  I had taken "Before" photos, and remember being so excited at the time to share photos of the completion.  I might have to locate those photos & give it a whirl!  

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  1. Good finds indeed! I have to ask what you are going to do with that cute little apron. I got a similar one a few weeks ago and haven't decided what to do with it yet. I also love those old measure cups and spoons. They are among my favorite and most often used kitchen gadgets.

  2. Awesome finds! I love our monthly thrift store days.
    I would love it if you posted your before and after kitchen as we are in the middle of redesigning ours and am looking for some extra inspiration...

  3. I like the idea of getting rid of the plastic. Nasty stuff, isn't it! The metal measuring spoons and cups are so nice, as is the pie tin. Every now and then I'll find really good, sturdy pie tins at the thrift store. Can't resist them. :-)

  4. Love all of your finds, Amanda -- and I have those exact same measuring cups! :)

  5. Woo! Those are some fine finds. So sweet that apron is with the rick rack. Gotta love that. And all the metal, especially the tin with the words on it is divine!

  6. Nice finds, Amanda! I really like the apron and those metal measuring cups. I would like to find some.

  7. Wow! I love all your treasures, and they were such great bargains, too ! :)

  8. What lovely items. That apron is so charming!

  9. that apron is adorable, just too cute.

    thank you for your comment, very sweet.

  10. Amanda~ I have an apron very similar to that one, except it was my great grandmas. Actually my very favorite apron to use. So pretty the little green rick rack on it. Fantastic idea to get rid of all the plastic. I have spent the last several months getting rid of as much junk in our house that I can. I can't stand the worldly cluttery stuff. I like the comfortable safe at home kinda feel. Love your blog...erin

  11. Your pictures are so sweet. I think the apron looks quite a bit more realistic with a wrinkle or two. And your pretty compositions made me smile. :-)

  12. It looks as if you got some wonderful bargains in your 'thrifting' expeditions. It's great that you now have a kitchen you love. I hope that soon the green of the towels is not the only green around your house.

  13. FUN finds!! LOVE the apron!

  14. I really like your idea of ridding your kitchen of plastic.

    The apron really is a neat find!

  15. You have a gift for thrifting that I don't... I love the items you have found! I don't really iron either, not unless I absolutely have too. I found your blog via the moonshine monday link party. I invite you to visit my blog as well! sweetheartsandsweettarts.blogspot.com