June 7, 2013

Random Five Friday

1.  There is only one stoplight in the county I grew up in.

2.  I had promised Eric a haircut yesterday.  I prefer to give haircuts on our back deck when the seasons allow.  It's much easier to clean up out there, opposed to indoors. 
We were busy all day and I forgot about it until he reminded me again after dark.  So I cut his hair by patio light and in the thick of mosquitoes.  
None of our four boys have ever been to a barber.  I'm the only one who has cut Mitch's hair since we've been married, too.  I've gotten pretty efficient over the years at my one specialty haircut.
If you have five males in your family, I strongly suggest buying some clippers & learning a simple haircut.  It has saved us a LOT in barber fees.  
(We like our Wahl Color Pro Haircutting Kit.  It's been our longest lasting clipper at a really great price, and I really love the color coded guards.) 

3.  The kids found a large mama crawfish walking down the driveway with a bunch of eggs on her back this week.   Headed from one pond to the other.
We sometimes find turtles moving from one to the other, too.
Though it's been cool and things are behind schedule, the first turtle on our property was also spotted this week.  
(A first week of summer vacation tradition.)
I don't think I ever shared these little guys, whom we found out early last year.

4.  We had an end of year Sports Awards Banquet to attend earlier this week. We were very proud of Mason & Eric's freshman achievements, as are their coaches.  (More on that soon.)
Other than that, we've enjoyed a fairly quiet few days.  It's actually felt like vacation has kicked in, after a very busy & eventful several weeks. 
(Note that I say vacation, and not summer vacation..  It's been chilly!  We had to make a fire in the living room Thursday evening, and I've had to wear socks - which generally goes against my grain in June. 

5.  Last night we hopped in the new One Ton and picked up a trailer load of mighty white pine logs.  Mitch and the boys are sawing lumber out of them today (lumber for a project on our house, which is exciting.)    
I'm off to mow.  I love mowing.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I cut my husband's hair, since he never got what he wanted from a barber shop, and now it's been more than a decade. I bet we have saved a ton of money, too! :-)

  2. Those turtles are just the cutest little things! Such pretty colors, too! Love that photo. It's so neat that you cut your boys' hair! I bet that does save a lot of time and money. Can't wait to hear more about the project on your house! Have a great weekend :)

  3. Many days did i spend stickering freshly cut wood, then freshly planed wood, then freshly put up wood! Good luck on the project ! :)

  4. i'll be mowing a bunch this weekend, myself. those two little painteds are so cute!

    i'd love to send you some heat! :)

  5. I LOVE mowing the lawn. As of last weekend we hadn't mowed the lawn since July 23 2011...I remember the exact date 'cause I just so happen to be good at remembering the dates of all the weird things that happen around here :)

  6. Those turtles are so cute! I also do all our family haircuts, all ten of us including myself. We have a cheap set of Wahl clippers which have been going strong for years on the boys and my husband. The girls' long hair is easy to trim. None of our children have been to a barber/hair dresser either.
    Hope your summer weather arrives soon.....
    So good when children succeed at their sports and your home improvement sounds very exciting!

  7. Sounds like you are going to have a couple of reveals soon. I'll try to be patient. :)

    PS -- I cut my hubby's hair too.

  8. Awww....love the photo of your turtles! Have a great weekend.

  9. Oh Amada, I too love mowing and used to mow about 15 miles of road verges and many other things with my brush-cutter. Now, I cannot even lift the thing. I bought a lighter electric version but had to give it up entirely as ten minutes completely exhausted me.
    It makes me happy to see you enjoying the holidays with your children.

  10. It's been cool down here for the past few days as well. We've resisted the temptation to build a fire, but I've thought about it. Betsy has been cutting my hair for almost as long as we've been married.

    I hope you and your family have a great weekend.

  11. As soon as I hear the lawn mower going I start panicking about my cluster of daisies (I don't class them as weeds but my hubby does!). I love the turtles, I used to have one as a pet many, many years ago! Thanks for your visit to my little area of blogland and I'm looking forward to catching up on reading your past posts. Take care. Chel x

  12. Mmmm. We only have one in our county (Fillmore) as well. Talk about small towns.

  13. Ah, such lovely shots!

  14. Hummmm... Now you got me thinking. I should try to cut my hubbies hair. I used to love to mow our law. The smell of fresh cut grass is wonderful. Here in the desert they pay you to put in rock landscaping. No more grass to mow. So Sad..


  15. *sigh* I do not like to mow!

  16. I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog and I came over here to check yours out! Sounds like you are raising a wonderful family in a beautiful area. I used to mow until our oldest son took over the reins. Now he won't let me near the lawn tractor :( We always have a perpetual project going on around our home. I love the smell of fresh cut lumber!