June 13, 2013

Rhubarb Reminiscing & Rhubarb Sauce

Our rhubarb plant started off a spaded off bit from our neighbors' plant.  Earl was about 90 at the time, and insisted we take some, with some composted horse manure to help get it started.   We didn't pick it the first couple of years as we let it establish itself, but for years we've enjoy plentiful, pretty rhubarb stalks.

Johnathan as a toddler kept many toads and handfuls of worms safe under the shade of the growing rhubarb.
Here he is in 2006:

In 2008 the kids decided they like sucking the juices from fresh cut rhubarb stalks.

By 2009 Beau was learning Johnathan's ways.
Reveling in rhubarb in 2010:

We had some huge stalks in 2011!

And again, we harvested our rhubarb this week. 
Beau still has the best fun with the leaves.
He makes giant green wings & tail feathers & more.   We love our rhubarb.

Last night I made rhubarb sauce.  So simple.  A hit with the family.

4 cups chopped rhubarb stalks 
1/2 cup sugar (I added a couple of heaping spoonfuls of brown sugar, as well) 
1/2 cup of water, or enough to cover the bottom of a large, shallow pan. 
Simmer until it's to desired consistency. 
(I aided things along by mashing with a potato masher.) 
Remove from heat & add a couple of teaspoons vanilla. 

This was declared "DE-LICOUS" served warm over ice cream.
It's my goal not to let any produce we grow this year go to waste. 
I usually freeze our rhubarb, but I think I'll can a few batches of this, too.

We've also had this rhubarb recipe for dessert this week, which is my favorite to make & disappears from the pan like magic!

Do you grow rhubarb?  What do you do with it?

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  1. i used to make rhubarb sauce with my mom. and baked rhubarb crisp, too. yum!

    just GREAT photos!

  2. Holy moly, those are some HUGE rhubarb stalks! After hearing from so many people about how easy rhubarb is, I'm going to have to try it. I adore the photos of the kids with the leaves on their heads. Too cute! And that sauce sounds so delicious :)

  3. I love your huge rhubarb leaves with the kiddos, Amanda!
    We have 3 hills. My Mother-In-Law and J's Grandma started them years ago. J's Mom and I still share the crop. I like to make Rhubarb Pie with a brown sugar crumble topping.

  4. Wonderful photos of your kids - especially the ones with with the rhubarb leaves over their heads!

  5. I used to grow rhubarb when I lived in Ohio, but I don't have a plant now. Fortunately we can get a good supply at the local farmer's market. I make a Rhubarb Strawberry Bavarian which is pretty good if I do say so myself. I enjoyed the photos of the children enjoying the rhubarb plant.

  6. AH I love the rhubarb hats. My grandparents always had rhubarb and I remember picking it with them! :)

  7. Love your blog! These photos are too cute!!

  8. Oh, my gosh, your kids with the rhubarb hats are just so cute. :) I didn't can any rhubarb sauce this year, but I have in the past. I froze it all this year, and have made rhubarb custard several times for the first time this year--definitely turning into one of my favorite ways to eat rhubarb.