June 28, 2013

Of Roses & Arrows & Birthdays : End of June 5 Facts

1. Roses are the birth flower for the month of June.  Each year the wild roses bloom here in northern Minnesota right around my birthday.

A lifetime ago, on my 16th birthday, Mitch picked me a white rose off this very bush (a domestic one.) 
A small gesture, not forgotten.

2. Mitch's birthday was last weekend. We made him a cake with peanut butter glaze & layers of chocolate frosting. In the summer heat, the gooey layers shifted when I was moving the cake before this photo.
A nice thing about cake is that shape and presentation usually don't affect taste.

3. We attended a birthday celebration for our littlest niece who turned two this week.
The birthday girl liked Beau's freckles.

4. Johnathan has his tree stand set up at the edge of the yard and has been shooting his bow regularly.

He wanted me to take a photo of this nice grouping of arrows.

5.  It's been hot and the kids were in the water a LOT this week. 
I shared some photos of their fun yesterday.

I hope you take a little time to smell the roses this weekend!

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  1. sweet story of the rose! great shots by your son!

  2. oh, and i think your cake is adorable!

  3. Cute little birthday girl! And your cake looks good, even if a bit wobbly. :-)

  4. I am a June baby and I never knew that about the roses! Funny, my favorite flowers tend to be lilies ;-)

  5. Wild roses are the best! How nice of Mitch to pick one for you many years ago.
    My shrub roses are similar to wild ones but not quite the same.
    Happy birthday to all of you with June birthdays!

  6. Amanda,
    I have been watching, but have not seen any wild roses yet. They like to grow close to a couple of dams we have.

    My cooking and baking adventures frequently taste a lot better than they look. I have also learned that food photography really is not my thing.

    Neat B&W of your son and niece.

    Looks like Johnathan has been practicing with his bow. J had one for a while. He enjoyed it, but does not make/take the time to practice like he should. Like most activities one must dedicate time to it to be successful. Looks like your son has a good start!

  7. Stopping by from Random 5 Friday...I'm sure the cake was delicious...it takes a lot more than shifting layers to ruin a cake! Also...your son is a good shot! What does he plan to hunt with his arrows?

  8. Life is good...great photo's..

  9. Those wild roses are so pretty and delicate! Sweet story about Mitch picking you a rose off that very bush :) Even though it melted a bit, that cake still looks delicious! I love peanut butter so it sounds really yummy. Happy belated bday to Mitch!

  10. That fact that you had a photo of that white rose bush is amazing. My hubs still picks wildflowers for me which is so sweet.

    Hah -- that cake looks sad but I bed it tasted yummy!

    And good for your boy -- that grouping of shots is amazing! xo

  11. I'm much more concerned about how a cake tastes than I am about how it looks.

  12. Your first photo of the wild rose is lovely. A great group of photos you've posted.

  13. I already took a little time to smell my perfect red rose - in the middle of winter- today.
    Love your roses an birthday celebrations.

  14. Your blog posts are so enjoyable. I love your photos and the story of the white rose is so sweet. Wishing you a nice Fourth.