September 20, 2013

Random Five : Welcoming Fall

In honor of the changing seasons this weekend, I shared My favorite things about Fall here in northern MN.  I seem to have exhausted all of my photos there.  Check it out.  ☺
Time for my weekly five facts.

1.  My mom's birthday was this week.  She was off exploring the Great Smokey Mountains & beyond, and is making her way back home now.

2.  Three out of four of our pullets are laying now.  Lilly was delighted after school today when Chiquita hopped out of her nesting box & left an egg behind.  Another beautifully sized & shaped egg, a bit whiter than those laid by the two buffs.
That just leaves Bandita.. who has developed no comb or wattles.. not a speck of red on her head.   The ladies were out in the yard eating worms in the drizzle today, and Bandita looked more like a crow than chicken.  She's beautiful, though.  Whatever will be will be.

3.  I've spent many hours doing portrait photography over the past couple of weeks.
My computer is bogged down and my new camera is well broken in with thousands of shutter clicks already.  I don't wish to do business as a portrait photographer.  It's not my passion.  But I enjoy the age & personality of high school seniors and don't mind helping them out with their photos.  I also did some baby & maternity photos for friends.  Lots of happiness in the air with new babies arriving & on the way!  If only editing at the computer were as much fun.  I have major attention problems when it comes to sitting in that desk chair editing.

4.  A six year old girl we know, who loves country music, recently told her mom I look like Carry Underwood.  I'm vaguely familiar with who this is, and was flattered by her sweetness.  
One time when I was lifting the tongue of our boat trailer to try to push it out of the way so I could mow underneath, Beau (about 5 at the time) said, "Woah! Mom! You're just like Ms. TRENCHBULL!!"  (She lifts a car in the movie, Matilda.. and is quite a site!)
So in the honest eyes of 5-6 year olds, I might be a cross between Carry Underwood & Ms. Trenchbull..  I'll take it I guess.

5.  I have updating to do on The Home Project!  I've been sampling stain colors, choosing light & outlet locations, and sweeping up sawdust to beat the band. 
First, another football game under the Friday night lights.  And hoping to squeeze in a little fun this weekend, involving a stretch of rummage sales.  All work & no play makes Jack a dull guy, they say.

I can't post a Random Five without a photo.  Here's a random from my archives.
Live toad art by Beau, 2 years old. 

Happy Friday, and Happy Fall!

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  1. Cute pic- and yes, those 5 year olds tell it like it is, don't they! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Amandag, I'm smiling here to the cross between Carry Underwood & Ms. Trenchbull- oh boy ... children have a way with images and idols (I know neither of those ladies, but I'll google them to se the amusement even more clearly!) Your portait photography (even with the timeconsuming editing) inspires me to dive into the settings and adjustments of my new camera ... the summer came and went again, and I haven't taken the time to really understand the big picture - but this weekend I've taken it as a goal - to Watch the introductory DVD that came with the camera, and go and start experiencing ... it's tickling in my stomach with ecxitement!
    Enjoy the football games and Happy Birthday to your mom!

  3. We love chicken watching, they are such great creatures! Your Fall Favorites post is beautiful! It is my favorite time of year, and the gorgeous golden light is just leading us to the cusp of colors changing here in Southeast Wisconsin.

  4. Happy Fall! I love your random five. And you are such an amazing photographer. I didn't realize you did it professionally, well almost anyway. :-)

  5. so cute! love toads. hope your friday night was a good one! even the name 'trenchbull' sounds tough. :)

  6. Ahh....the honesty of children. That's so sweet of the little girl to say you look like Carrie Underwood! :) Hope you get to do something fun this weekend. It's supposed to pour here on Sunday - and I'm running a half marathon trail race. Should be lots of muddy fun!

  7. Amanda,
    I always enjoy your writing and learning more about you! Your life is so full and rich!
    Happy Saturday!

  8. I'm trying to think who I'm a cross of... better not to go there! Lol.

    Have a super weekend my friend. Loved your froggy photo and yay for eggs! :)

  9. To be seen through the eyes of a child - priceless. My daughter may be moving to MN with her family. I know it's a beautiful landscape, but I think even colder than IN where they now live.

  10. I have no idea who Carrie Underwood is...but I love the honesty of 5 year old children. Have a great Sunday!

  11. I LOVE country music and I do know who Carrie Underwood is and she is beautiful so I would take that as a wonderful compliment. I enjoyed reading your post this morning. and your photo is adorable.


  12. Great Random Five. I had to giggle at the mention of the Trenchbull; Matilda was/is my 20 year niece's favorite movie. I can't tell you how many times we've watched it. Happy birthday to your mom:)

  13. Sounds like you have been busy with portrait work! I think all the editing would bog me down as well. Can't wait to hear more on the home project!

  14. From the mouths of babes. I'd go with Carrie as in any case I'm not familiar with Ms. Trenchbull....:)

  15. What a cute photo!