February 25, 2014

Light House For Sale | Port Sanilac, MI

Last May, Mitch & I took a fast flying trip into Syracuse, NY to pick up a truck & drive it home to northern MN.
We wove our way through waterfalls of New York's Finger Lakes Region (which were my favorite), Niagara Falls, and continued around & between all five of the Great Lakes on our route home. 
Early today I exchanged emails with a fellow blogger friend, that had me thinking of those shores we navigated.. and a little town we visited along our way that had a special sort of pull on us:  Port Sanilac, Michigan.  
I took so many photos in those fast-packed few days, that I hadn't even edited or gone through these of Port Sanilac yet.  It was fun to unearth them. 

FYI:  The Sanilac lighthouse & light keeper's residence is for sale for just under $1 million. 
I allowed myself a little daydreaming on this cold winter day.  :)

Part of what's neat about this lighthouse, is that it's right in town, nestled among a quiet residential street, like a good neighbor.  It's also the first private property lighthouse I've ever visited.  The many other lighthouses we've been to are owned by State or National Park Service, or historical organizations.  This one is private property, so we stayed respectfully outside the fence.

The original Fresnel lens is still operative, being one of only 70 such lenses that remain operational in the U.S. - sixteen of them are used on the Great Lakes, of which eight are in Michigan.


Built in 1886, it's 59 foot double brick tower continues to operate & shine across Lake Huron's shoreline. The property overlooks the Port Sanilac Harbor - which was quiet as can be. 

A perfect way to spend the late part of day; with my toes in water, I dug through wave-tumbled rocks, filling pockets with my finds.  
I keep a jar of sand, shells, or rocks from just about every place I go.  These were my first from Lake Huron.

Spending some time on the pier, we saw just one or two people fishing, otherwise just ducks & seagulls.
The Harbor:  

Mid-May, the vines growing on the structure were just coming to life again.
There were places where vine cover had been removed and had left the bricks perfectly engraved with their pattern.

After driving another 260 miles late into the night, our next stop was the Mackinac Bridge & Lighthouse.  Another fine lighthouse & at which point we met up with Lake Michigan.

Would you love to live in a lighthouse? 

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  1. How utterly beautiful! Now if only I had the money...

  2. Lighthouses are so cool! We have a bunch of them on the Oregon Coast and I love visiting and photographing them. Your post is giving me the bug to go west this weekend. :) Lovely lighthouse, and great photos!

    1. Yaquina Head was one of my favorite Oregon lighthouses!
      Our favorite closer to home is Split Rock Lighthouse on L. Superior's north shore.

  3. What a Beautiful Lighthouse, I have toured a couple of lighthouses on the Pacific Ocean and love to listen to the stories of the families that lived in them. Thanks for sharing your story with us.


  4. stunning photos and place. I had a friend who grew up in a lighthouse but really just the lighthouse, a lovely brick building house wasn't attached. When I young I wished we were living in a lighthouse too.

  5. pretty amazing place. and i would have thought it would have been owned by the state or US. Interesting. Now I need a $1m. Lotto dreams. love seeing your beautiful shots!

  6. I enjoyed this very much. I have not had the desire to live in a lighthouse but I think it would be a fun trip to drive the five lakes and visit lighthouses. I might have to begin that plan in Michigan. Wonderful photos Amanda . . .
    Just so you know, you are my "new favorite." I love this wonderful B world . . .

  7. I live minutes from White River Light House, Whitehall, Michigan . . .

  8. I love lighthouses, but I am not sure I would want to live in one. That's a beautiful place, and I would have been dreaming right along with you. Great pictures. Glad you shared them with me. :-)

  9. That is a neat looking place. You take some lovely photos.

    Just finished reading a book about living in a lighthouse. I think I mentioned it to you before -The Light Between Oceans. Great book.

  10. Oh, be still my heart! If I had a million dollars I would buy it in a heart beat! I have loved lighthouses for years and have visited many. One of these days I'll have to dig in my archives and post some of their pictures. This one is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. That is just gorgeous! What a lovely lighthouse and what a lovely harbor! I have never visited a lighthouse myself, too much of a desert rat I guess! LOL!!

  12. Maybe we could all pitch in? :) Gorgeous images of your trip Amanda.

  13. I don't know as if I'd want to live in a lighthouse but I enjoy visiting them. This one is quite lovely.

  14. wouldn't that me a nice dream place? :)

  15. I would love to live in a lighthouse! I'm all about unique and unusual houses. David used to dream of converting an old church into a house! This lighthouse is so beautiful and does have me daydreaming :) Your photos are so lovely!

  16. Yes I would love to live in a Lighthouse …especially when it is such a pretty one. I am originally from
    a land between two seas…the Baltic and the North Sea. Now I live in the middle of mountains and I miss the sea terribly…Wonderful pictures you are showing us here!

  17. Al lighthouse for sale. How amazing! It does seem kind of romantic, doesn't it? Especially since it's not isolated like they usually are. Very fun post!

  18. Amanda, How quaint. No, I won't move there, but your photos show a tempting spot for dreaming. I love the lighthouses in the UP of Michigan. I visited several a few summers ago.

  19. Wonderful collection. Love the look of that lighthouse and the view to sea is amazing!

  20. I'm here from your comment you left with your link at DJanity's -- Let me tell you first off it's nice to meet you, and secondly, I WOULD live in a lighthouse any time. Just let me know. LOL Beautiful image shares. I enjoyed meeting you and had a wonderful visit.

  21. Wow! Your photos really captured the subject, Amanda. I love the detail of the vines. And how utterly pleasant it is on this Sunday morning to contemplate life in a lighthouse just off Main St!