February 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday [ it's still winter ]

It's the last day of February, and our weather reports continue to use the words "bitter cold." 
The forecast for tomorrow, March 1st, is a high of -7, a low of -24, and dangerous wind chills to -35.
*Sat. morning update - our "feels like" temp this morning was -43.
Come on, March, where's the love?
Five randoms for the week:

1. This was the last flower I saw outdoors.. standing alone, dried & tall, in Lilly's little flower bed back on December 2nd.  It's long since been buried in snow.
2.  Mitch headed out of town for work this week to build a shed on the property of This Lake Cabin he built a couple of years ago.  He never made it to the site - not even by snowmobile.  Snow up to 9 ft. deep prevented access from the lake. 
(He remained in the area working on another project accessed by normal roads.)

3.  It never fails that when he's away, we have chimney issues here at home. 
Things got a little smokey yesterday.   

4. Last night we were on the road again for the final basketball game of Mason & Eric's sophomore season.
The last two home games of the season were canceled last week due to winter weather.  Parents night & the team seniors never got to be acknowledged playing their final game on the home court.. bummer! 
Baseball season is up next.. but it will be a while before we can see the fields underneath all this deep snow.

5.  This guy, newly turned seven, lost another tooth over his birthday weekend!!

Sharing with Nancy's Random 5 Friday
and wishing you a warm weekend!


  1. Love toothy, toothless grins . . . he is soooo cute!
    I'd say your hubby met up with a ton of SNOW!
    I hope your chimney problems have been fixed . . .
    Enjoy the weekend. . . stay warm and cozy!

    1. Chimney is fixed. We are safe & warm. Thanks, Lynne!

  2. "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..." he'll have them by then, or even earlier! What a great picture, Amanda. It sounds horribly cold out there! Spring, where are you? :-)

  3. Love those toothless smiles. Never fails that something goes wrong when the men are out of town! Hope all else is smooth sailing!

  4. oh, your weather is dreadful! :)

  5. What a cute toothless grin! Both girls and boys basket ball teams here are in the section finals with the girls playing tonight. I have been following them closely as my friend's granddaughter plays and she is really good. Too bad the boys didn't get recognized for their last home game.
    Stay warm up there and no more chimney issues!

  6. i have to giggle - a couple times the hubby & i have tried to light a fire in our time together - & smoke is just a part of it. too funny. you have to laugh. stay warm. ( :

    love the missing tooth/teeth shot. ( :

    1. We're used to a little smoke in starting a fire, but this was different - chimney fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and toxic fumes are definitely no laughing matter.
      We take care of our chimneys (this one was only a few months old) but the usage of all heat sources in our area have been extreme, our wood stoves have been burning non-stop. Consequently, we also ran out of firewood & are burning fresher cut, less dry wood, which isn't awesome & creates more chimney build up. Smoke was major & reason for concern. Thankfully all is good now & we are keeping warm despite another bitter cold night!

  7. Amanda,

    I agree ... Spring where are you? The high temp we saw was at 5 o'clock this morning. Lots of wind and now it is snowing. From now until Monday they are talking below zero or single digit highs and wind chill advisories. Not good for baby calves. Low pressure systems bring on babies, so we might have a busy busy weekend.

    I like your flower picture and edit. I see hope.

    I hope your chimney issue was an easy fix. Our corn stove isn't burning like it should. J keeps tweaking little things and is still not happy.

    What a cute toothless smile!

    Have a good weekend and stay warm.

  8. I love seeing those toothless smiles (well - on children, at least)! My gardens are so buried, I don't think I'll see ground until June! Keep warm, Amanda - you're colder than we are right now in the mountains of CO.

  9. It never fails that when my husband is out of town, we have issues with something. Murphy's Law I suppose!

  10. Gosh, you surely have had a wicked winter ... even for your neck of the woods. Ours has been snowier and colder than usual but in small doses. Those toothless smiles ... so precious. My 6 y/o granddaughter has lost three. It makes them look so different, doesn't it?

  11. Such a sweet smile - handsome Beau! The amount of snow sounds rather overwhelming ... I hope the sun will send the warmest rays soon to melt the first layers of ice away! Yet, the flower covered with snow is a reminder that there is life under the cold snow blanket ...
    Sending you warm thoughts and stamina for the periods when things take an unexpectant turn like the chimney!

  12. Your little boy is so darling! I love it when kids lose their front teeth. I wish you could send all your snow up to our mountains. We got a big dump last week - and it was raining up there yesterday. :( Sending you warm thoughts...

  13. With all your cold and snow you must wish Mitch was home more....
    So Beau has lost four teeth now? Such a growth milestone when those baby teeth start disappearing.

  14. March does seem to be coming in like a lion, hopefully moderation soon (yet not in our extended forecast either). Love the dried flower!

  15. I miss those toothless photos of my boys; now all in their late teens and twenties. Love the texture of the flower photo, adds to its loneliness.

  16. Chimney issues -- been there done that -- never fun and often anxiety-filled! xo

  17. I wasn't expecting the last photo ,Beau's gorgeous toothless smile made me laugh out loud. 9 feet of snow now that is just too much-I remember that amazing place Mitch built!

  18. Such a darling little guy! I love his toothless smile! Great photos, Amanda.
    Stay warm!

  19. The picture of Beau is priceless, but I also like your photo of Lily's flower. I hope the present storm is the last you'll hear of 'bitter cold' for this winter.

  20. Wow---you do have a very talented husband. I checked out that cabin --and the interior ---and man, am I impressed? WOW!!!!! Bet he does get frustrated with the extreme winter weather this year.... Wonder if it will EVER end!!!!

    Has this been one of the worst winters you all have had in years? Many people are saying that --around the country.

    Bet your home is beautiful. Did Mitch build your home? Have you ever shown photos of it?

    The tooth fairy has been busy at your home recently....

    Be SAFE up there and stay WARM.

  21. Oh my gosh you have really had the snow. I know that has to be hard to deal with. - It snowed here last night but just a "skiff". Still I am ready for spring, green grass & sunshine. Forecast though just shows rain, rain & more rain.
    Wow that is one gorgeous cabin your hubby built.
    How fun that your little one is missing both front teeth. Coleen just lost a tooth recently too but she's 9 and it was a bottom tooth (not the front ones). Still she was excited about losing it and the "tooth fairy" visiting.

  22. Love those toothless grins of young ones :)

  23. I hope you will have a long and warm spring which will turn into a wonderful summer! I found the first little flowers in the forest while walking the dog…spring here is not far!
    love the big toothless smile- I remember taking loads of pictures when my kids were at that age.

  24. love the toothless smiles!

    i also love the floral shot. beautiful capture and texture.
    have a great remainder of your weekend~

  25. Great toothless smile! :-D
    9 feet of snow! OMG!!! Please let winter be over.
    Have a toasty weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  26. I saw a little snow this week - standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon being snowed on was really rather special!! Hope you get spring soon - but I enjoyed a little bit of winter!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Scottsdale, AZ (and Melbourne!)