March 3, 2014


Lilly & Beau spent evenings last week working with needle and thread.
I offered to draw a design for them to follow, but they chose to free-hand stitch.

Beau eventually had me turn his creation into a small pillow.

Mitch shoveled the roof today. 
Many large buildings have been collapsing across our region, due to heavy snow loads this winter.   We haven't had days warm enough to cause the snow to slide off as it normally would.  
He said there was 4 ft. of snow on parts of our roof.  Now there's an impressive mountain of it on the ground below.  

I think we've seen the last of our -40° wind chills, boy has it been grizzly outside! 
It continued to snow today while I worked on business bookwork & annual reports for tax prep.  My most procrastinated task of the year, I'm glad to have finally conquered it.  

A load of oak lumber has been delivered to a kiln to dry.  Some will be made into flooring & some will be used as trim & finishing touches on our addition & transition areas.  
'Til then, I'm thankful for warm fires, good books, and busy kids!   


  1. You have some creative kids! Wow - four feet of snow on your roof! That's quite a load. Hope you guys get some relief from the cold and snow. We've just been getting endless rain here. But I'm quite ok with it - more snow for our mountains, and water for the summer months.

  2. What creative kids you have! Keep warm.

  3. A wonderfully domestic winter post. Love the stitching! What a winter yo have had. Looking forward to seeing your addition - you have been keeping us in suspense. :)

  4. wow. 4ft of snow on your roof. my brother in law who leaves in Chicago decided to move back to FLA because of the endless cold this winter. He can easily pick up and move - unlike most people. He was also saying the great lakes are almost completed frozen over. it just seems crazy. what also seems crazy is we haven't gotten much of the cold down here. it came down and just stopped at the FLA state line. anyways. have a great week.

  5. I think the warm fire must also help the creativity and concentration. Fun photo . . .
    Must be terribly hard work to shovel snow off the roof . . . and four feet in parts . . . YIKES!

  6. Aww -- what a sweet photo of those two busily creating.
    I think we will finally get into the 30s today. It's been a long time coming...

  7. I"m so glad Mitch took that snow off the roof, it sounds like it was a possible accident waiting to happen. Wow! That's a LOT of snow, Amanda. Love the kids' stitching. :-)

  8. oh, i love your kids concentrating on their needlework and love their own creations! you have such a great household. i can feel the warmth of it in your posts. :)

  9. That wind chill temperature sounds crazy to me! Nice to see that your little ones are getting in some stitching time.

  10. That's a wonderful picture of Lily and Beau hard at work on their stitching. It's hard for me to imagine four feet of snow on a roof, but I do hope that Spring is on the way for all of us.

  11. Hi, I cannot imagine having 4 feet of snow on your roof--muchless having to shovel it off.... Yipes!!!! Maybe you all need a huge igloo to live in during those nasty winters.

    We had some ice/sleet/snow yesterday here --but not too much. It was enough to close schools for a couple of days though.

    Both of your kids did a nice job with their stitching...


  12. I like seeing Lilly and Beau's creations. I gave my oldest granddaughter (11) all my cross stitch paraphernalia, so now she wants me to show her how to do it. I have a small cross stitch by my son when he was about 10 - I keep it in my kitchen (he's now 45). We have so much snow, too, and many people are having their roofs shoveled. Bob rakes ours and so far that seems to be decreasing the load.

  13. I love their creations! Soooo cute. This brings back happy memories of stitching with my grandma when I was younger :)

    I can't believe you had so much snow on your roof. Yikes! I follow a farm page on Facebook and they actually had a barn collapse under the weight of the snow and it killed some of their animals. So sad.

  14. Amanda,
    It's amazing what we can find to do on cold wintry days. I hope spring finds you soon!

    The Husband does all our tax prep stuff; he is not a fan either. After 10 years he is getting better at figuring out what the tax man wants/needs. There is so much stuff to keep track of. Good Luck!

  15. I think I see a bit of an Angry Bird there! My son has a similar set of PJs!

    I would be mean spirited to object to the collection of a few stones (but even a few add up when everyone does it) - but the people on the bus tour that I too to see the Grand Canyon seemed to be collecting them by the handful - not what I tend to do.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne