April 25, 2014

Earth Day Field Notes

I am infatuated with our earth. 
There are endless thoughts that stem from that.
For now, some things of note from Earth Day:
I had started a post that day, but set it aside & was able to soak up some sun & fresh air instead. 

When I woke, I watched a great big snowshoe hare outside my bedroom window. 
It's been a regular this past week & it turns out the kids had left some baby carrots by the garden for it to eat.
His/her fur is turning from winter white camouflage back to soft brown.  
Our world is full of fascinating critters. 

The frogs are singing in the woods most days.  Not to their fullest yet (not everything is thawed out yet) but enough to sound sweet. 
My aunt & grandma came to visit late in the morning.
They pointed out that this Earth Day would have been my Grandpa's 85th birthday.  

Our maple trees are starting to blossom. 
No green here yet, but once northern MN does finally turn green, it eventually goes all out.

The ground dried enough for us to have our first high school baseball game of the season on Earth Day.  We had full sun & a pretty decent field.  The only wet & muddy area was isolated to foul territory next to 3rd base. 

After the game, we discovered the return of our resident pair of trumpeter swans on the small, wild lake at the end of our road.  A happy sight.  I've never had a good opportunity to photograph them, it's on my to do list.  The lake still has ice on it, but that ice is growing dark & should be gone soon.

Speaking of our road, we unofficially adopted the road we live on and have been cleaning it up every year around Earth Day since we've lived here.  Now that the snowbanks have settled, we can see what debris is left behind after the long winter.  We're pleased at how much less litter & dumping there are compared to earlier years.  
I made a call to our County grader's office a few years back about a littler bug worker/road grader.. and what a difference that has made!!   *high fives for all*

"The earth is what we all have in common."  - Wendell Berry
Let's do all the good for it we can.


  1. Amanda, what a wonderful tribute in words and photos to the Earth!

  2. you've a photographer's eye and 'l' esprit' of a writer, so much territory covered with grace and a delicate touch of Amanda humour :-) very sweet post.

  3. A great way to spend Earth Day! Everything is coming alive, a lovely reward from the long winter. Happy weekend!

  4. Great post. By the way here's another book recommendation for you: Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier. Historical fiction based on two real life women in the early 1800s England who made major contributions to the understanding of fossils. Chevalier does a wonderful job telling their story by alternating their voices as the storytellers. I think you'll like it.

  5. I love your pictures. This post is just wonderful, Amanda, but that last picture.... it says everything. Thank you for sharing this lovely message about our Mother Earth. :-)

  6. It sounds as if you had a perfectly wonderful Earth Day. It's marvelous that your entire family enjoys and respects the earth so much.

  7. loved your photos - so special. :)

  8. Love the pics you've posted, especially the ones of your children.

  9. I love the earth also ---and cannot understand why people continue to abuse it... It would be so simple to clean up all of our own trash --but we find 'junk' thrown in so many places when we hike or drive in the country/woods... SO SAD to see people abusing our world....

    Hope you continue to get more and more SPRING weather up there.


  10. beautiful pictures - beautiful spring.

  11. Absolutely Beautiful post Amanda . . . Inspiring with hope and promise.
    We all need to do our part to make it so!

  12. What a lovely post and hope that you will have a wonderful and warm spring. Starting off Earth Day with spotting a hare in front of your window is so unique!
    The last picture and the quote says it all….

  13. Oh, the last picture with Beau giving a hug to the tree ...
    A lovely post with simply beautiful images, Amanda - your love for nature truly shines through your photography!
    So happy you had a joyful Easter... and congratulations on the smartphone! I remember when I got mine - It took me time to find out, how to call from it, how to andwer the call - I often times closed the call by touching the screen with my cheek ... With patience and learning by doing, it started to come together :)
    Enjoy the spring and the life outdoors, I enjoy so much following the nature around you, together with everything else (How are the chickens doing, by the way ... I cherish to see them - pretty birds each of them! :)

  14. On the subject of litter it's somewhat better across the country and the upper Midwest is by far the best....:)

  15. So many wonderful photos. So many wonderful things to see in this big old world.. So glad to hear you're thawing out. Don't you just love spring.


  16. Amanda,
    Your respect for the earth speaks volumes through your blog. Your photos tell a wonderful story of family, love and the beauty you see. I'm glad you take the time to give back to something you enjoy and appreciate.

    Sunday we had thunderstorms during the early morning hours and a misty wet day. This morning greeted us with 4-5" of heavy wet white stuff. Spring?

  17. Lovely nature shots.

  18. Such beautiful land to explore!