September 17, 2014

September: Change in the Air

It's past mid-September already and I've been astray from my keyboard for some time.
The song, "Wake me up, when September ends" has been stuck on my mind a few times this month.
But truth is, today is beautiful and I'm happy to be awake.  

September is a time of re-adjusting for me.  As I told a friend the other day, we're finding our rhythm.. though our rhythm is ever changing.  :)  
I'm adjusting to quiet days to myself after three months of scarcely a single solitary moment. 
We're adjusting to schedules, homework routines, too-short school nights, less daylight, cooler weather. 

Since the zinnias I had started from seed succumbed to frost last weekend, I've also been singing "To everything, turn, turn, turn..."   I'm feeling that one much more truly.
I've made our first fires of the season and soaked in their warmth.  There's still much to do outdoors before snow flies.  I'm happy for warm afternoons again this week and enjoying the days as they turn gold.  

(Hardy Coreopsis, still holding on yesterday.) 

My mom left on Labor Day traveling east to do some exploring for a week.  I sure wish I could have joined her, but I was needed here for first day of school conferences, paperwork, and mostly - finding our feet as we stepped into this hectic thing called a school year.
The highlight of her trip was touring the Gettysburg battle sites.  It sounded pretty amazing.
Speaking of how it sounds.. all my life I had only heard Gettysburg pronounced "Getteesburg," rhyming with "Betty's Burg."  Turns out the proper pronunciation may be "Gettissburg" rhyming more with "Lettuce Burg." 

I've recently taken senior photos of a handful of kids we know, friends of Mason & Eric's, who'll be graduating this year.  That's kept me busy in my darkroom (a.k.a. at the computer monitor.) 
These are the one type of photography "work" I feel confident in doing.  I enjoy the one-on-one capturing of a person's character.  It's a pleasant creative challenge for me. 

Mitch stayed somewhere on Lake of the Woods this week, working on a friend's cabin there. 
Lake of the Woods is very large, the sixth largest freshwater lake located (at least partially) in the United States, after the five Great Lakes. 
It occupies parts of Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota. 
The lake separates a small land area of MN from the rest of the U.S. called the Northwest Angle, which happens to be the northernmost part of the contiguous United States.
Lake of the Woods is over seventy miles long and wide, and contains more than 14,552 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline. It would amount to the longest coastline of any Canadian lake, except that the lake is not entirely within Canada. 
(Some Lake of the Woods knowledge for you, with a little help from Wikipedia.)
He arrived back home last night.

I've sensed around me lately that September seems to be a time for missing people.  I think there's something nostalgic in the air this time of year.   
You know who I'm missing this September?  Our dog, McGee.  The kids' start back to school really emphasized his absence.  This Fall is the first I've been home alone without kids or dog in.. about 17 years. 

We have some big changes on our minds.  They aren't certain and they may take some time.  But I'm excited and it feels good. 
Mitch and I went to look at a piece of property up north last week. 
Not sure this is where our changes will take us, but it was fun exploring with the perspective of possibility.
Growing up on the Mississippi, in a corridor of tall pines there was what we called "The Big Rock" - as the name suggests, a great big boulder, that several kids could climb on at once.  It was smooth and surrounded by a carpet of pine needles.. kind of a magical place in my memory. 
Well, this property reminded me of lots and lots of "Big Rocks."  We knew from looking at the topography map that there was a particularly high point leading to a cliff, and wanted to reach it. Our climb through thick, rugged woods took us to a gorgeous rock summit towering above the trees.  
(My phone did not do an ounce of justice here.) 

It's been fun toying with idea of this as our backyard. 
Big Rocks or not, I've never been so excited to think new thoughts as I am this September.
To everything turn, turn, turn.

Peace, Love, & Possibilities,


  1. i know you need to add a dog back into your life. a house is too empty without one - especially now that the kids are back in school. :)

  2. I agree with Tex, but everything has its own time, as you know. It's so nice to see your smiling blog again, though. :-)

  3. Gives me goosey bumps . . .
    Turn, Turn, Turn . . .

  4. Here's to finding our rhythm and possibilities!

  5. Do I detect the idea of a move? Didn't you just finish adding on to your house?

    1. Ha! Yes, we did.
      We've considered a move since a few years ago. Mostly due to work at the time.
      It wasn't quite right timing for our family and we didn't find a place we liked well enough to leave this one. So we tabled the idea. (Though Mitch has always been looking.)
      It troubled me, this limbo place, that this unsure idea of moving seemed to halt our putting our love into the home we're currently in. Improving our home, making it a place we love.. it's what we do.
      So we decided to go for it and add on. Our nest is our nest, for as long as we're living here. And if we move, we'll have have made solid investments.
      We're not in any hurry, just looking forward in a direction that feels right, as our family will be changing, too, in these next couple of years.
      In the meantime, with record cold winters, we're extremely glad we added an attached garage and room for winter gear, and another warm wood stove! :)

  6. This time of the year is crazy for us, as well. Getting back into school, and sports, can be overwhelming. Keep us posted on your possible property acquisition!

  7. It sounds as if you will have many new adventures in the days ahead. I'm glad you're getting into the rhythm of a new school year, and I look forward to hearing more about the changes to come.

  8. Lots of change and possibilities in the air - in a good way. Lake of the Woods could be called Lake of the Islands!

  9. Agreed - September does feel a bit melancholy and nostalgic. Lovely shots.

  10. Amanda, we too have our sights on a new family property but ours would be in the desert but very, very exciton. Although it is spring here, there must be something in the air . . .
    i feel for you without your dog, it is so comforting to have a dog at one's knee when one is alone.
    Enjoy the thrill of the possibility of the new venture.

  11. Itchy feet - its the beginning of a great adventure!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. Amanda,
    There is so much truth in that :the more things change the more they stay the same." I think we have to have a foundation of stability inside us and within our relationships so we can handle the ever changing world around us.

    I'm sure it takes a little time to adjust back to the school year and shortly after adjust to cold snowy weather issues. It seems like we have not had a true break in our work since calving started. We have made ourselves get off the ranch and take a breather and for that I am thankful.

    Once we get caught up on the big fall tasks it will be time to wean calves.

    Enjoy the road you are on, my Friend, and take one day at a time!

  13. Hi Amanda,
    The echo of missing McGee even more, now that the children are at school, may underline the sound of silence at home in some moments ... Together with the slower pace of September hovering over the days. I'd love to have that view as my background - crossing my fingers for the dreams and plans of you & Mitch :-)

  14. Am happy every day for the dogs who get me out into the forest. Moving is always exciting and opens up your mind and new possibilities. You had frost already ? we are lucky so far enjoying long and sunny days.