November 2, 2014

Happy Trails on Halloween

Halloween happened. 
I was really not feeling into it this year, and the great thing was- I felt perfectly ok about that! 

For most of the past several years of my life, I've been up all night before Halloween, sewing to beat the band.  Not this year. 
This was a Grab-Something-Out-of-the-Old-Dress-Up-Box year. 
All three younger kids decided they wanted to be cowboys/cowgirl.  The only thing I made the night before Halloween was a cardboard and tinfoil belt buckle that we taped onto Beau's belt.   Easiest Halloween ever!
I had sewn these faux-swede chaps and vest for Eric (now almost 17) years ago.
Fun seeing Beau (7) wear them now.   The spurs were also from that brief era when Mason & Eric had big cowboy dreams.. they'd been a Christmas wishlist item.

It was a calm & clear day, thank goodness. 
The evening before, we'd had mixed precipitation, bitter winds, and our first ice of the year.  I'd gone slipping & sliding on our front porch. 

We didn't carve pumpkins, and I felt ok with that, too.  Confession: I've always loved pumpkins better in their un-carved state.  We grew an armful of very teeny tiny ones in the garden this year.  My friend, Alaina had given us some cornstalks she'd grown.  I was surprised when I found ears of corn still attached, and when I went to peel back the husks I had a most colorful surprise.  Indian corn! 

Johnathan ventured out from under my Halloween wing for the first time, spending the evening trick-or-treating with a group of friends.  Kind of a big deal.  I worried some. 

Our first stop is always our neighbor Marianne.  Next, we picked up Lilly's friend (also a cowgirl) and I took them Trick or Treating to some friends and familiar doors, then to our local Trunk or Treat event. 

My posse was dwindling at that point, as Lilly & her friend met up with the other parents there, with plans for a sleepover at their house.  It was down to just Beau and I.  I had never before had just one child in the car in all of my many Halloweens as a mom! 

He and I capped off the evening by making our traditional jaunt to Granny & Gramps' house about 20 minutes away. 
We stopped at a few homes of people dear to us.  We admired pumpkin carvings and decorations.  I thought of our wonderful friend Violet - who was part of our Halloween tradition for so many years.

Beau and I enjoyed the one-on-one time coming back home.  We deliberated whether we liked the candy or the costumes best about Halloween, deciding it's an even toss up.  Candy is good, but he said it makes him feel thirsty.  Seeing costumes was lots of fun, and he felt awfully special dressed up like a real cowboy.
He asked me what my favorite thing about the day had been.  I told him it was taking a few pictures of he and Lilly before we got going.
They were both so willing & cooperative, it took just seconds.  That hasn't always been the case with five kids and taking planned (non-action) pictures.
I told him how important it is to me to capture pictures sometimes, so we can look back at them, remembering fun things we did. 

At some point during our drive, I also told him he's about the nicest boy I've ever known, and that I am so lucky to be his mom.  He was quiet for a minute in the back seat in the dark.  Then he said softly, "Thank you."

He filled me in on all the kids in 2nd grade wanting to touch his spurs.  We picked up Johnathan, who was just fine, and had scored big on treats.  He'd had a good evening, too.  
And when we got home, before going to bed, Beau asked if he could wear his aluminum foil belt buckle again the next day.  :)

Peace, Love, and Happy Halloween Trails,


  1. What fine outfits, they look like the real thing, all right. And that corn is beautiful! :-)

  2. You all made some precious memories.

  3. It sounds as if you had a very special Halloween. It may have been quieter than most, but the memories will be just as sweet (if not sweeter).

  4. Your Halloween sounds just about perfect, Amanda. The children had fun, you spent some one on one time, and you weren't exhausted. I hope they shared their candy!

  5. Sounds like a great Halloween. And those costumes are adorable!

  6. Aren't homemade costumes just the best . . . and hand me downs too!
    Best cow boy and girl ever! Like the spurs . . . And those thick braids! WOW . . .

  7. Hi Amanda,
    Sounds like you and the family had an enjoyable Halloween.

    When I was in High School we had Indian corn in the garden; it's fun. Have you ever seen broom corn plants?

    Hope you are doing well.

  8. How sweet to be able to spend some one-on-one time with your adorable son. Love the costumes! Sometimes the best costumes are the ones you throw together at the last minute. I really miss trick or treating with my kids.

  9. I can only imagine that alone time with one can't be an easy arrangement and when it happens it must be just that much more special-you gave me the giggles and a wee tear (not a sad tear) :-) sweet post.

  10. Those kids do look the part - talks in the car are an important time I think!

    We do have halloween here - but we were away for the weekend and we let its just slip by!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Beau is a wonderfully thoughtful child, much like our youngest - aren't they treasures. We don't do halloween and don't know anyone who really does. The shops seem to stock more halloween items each year but it's not been part of our heritage here in Australia. Love the photo of the Indian corn - so beautiful.

  12. Happy Trails indeed. A fun night all around....:)

  13. Ah---cute picture of two of your kiddos..... You have such gorgeous children---all of them! Sounds like you made Halloween much simpler (which is GOOD)... Love it that Beau can now wear a costume that Eric wore many years ago... Love your conversations with Beau. Smart young man!!!!!


  14. Thanks for the comment about my 'thought provoking' post - people blog for lots of different reasons - and its nice when people (you in this case!) notice that I'm trying to do more than just post pictures!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne