September 5, 2015

A Weekend to Remember

September is here, green is turning gold, and school starts Tuesday.  I had written about a wonderful weekend back in June, intending to preserve the memory of it while fresh.  I never finished the post, but returning to it now, it did the job.  I'm reminded of some of the best moments of our summer: 

Previously titled, Why this Weekend was Wonderful...

It doesn't hurt at all that the weekend was kicked off by a great Friday. 
Friday morning I headed out the door bright and early for an estate sale with my mom.  I bought a butter dish, and not just any butter dish, but a real dandy of a butter dish.  Then I spent the late afternoon to early evening mowing our neighbor Marianne's lawn.  I love to mow, and mowing for Marianne is special.  (Plus, her lawn mower has a really comfy seat!)  When I was back in my own yard, giving my hostas an evening watering, a friend drove up and asked to take Lilly and Beau to the outdoor big screen showing of The Wizard of Oz in town after dusk.  So Johnathan and I went on a date.  It's an uncommon treat to have one-on-one time with our twelve-year -old.  It was a great Friday.

Saturday the kids talked me into jumping on their trampoline, new to us this summer. 
I had so. much. fun.

And then Lilly, Beau and I, laying on the trampoline in the afternoon sun, eating freezies, stared up at the clouds rolling by, forming and disappearing against the blue sky.  I listened to them pick out shapes and objects.  "I see a whale."  "I see a dragon with wings."   I saw a few things too, but they saw so much more.  And for some reason, the mosquitoes did not find us inside the protection of the safety net around the trampoline.  It was relaxed perfection.  Something so simple to hold vivid in my memory.

We found our wild roses blooming.  Daisies popping up on
the scene.  Wild purple irises along our driveway. 

We found strawberries ripe in our patch.
The start of strawberry season is a celebration of its own.

And there were fireflies.

Sunday was the really perfect day.  We were all seven home all day.  
I mowed.  I find great joy in our private domain in summertime, especially when everything is freshly trimmed and beautiful.  Everyone in the family pitched in on various projects.
I admired the simplicity of the bunchberry that grow where our backyard meets the woods.  As a friend pointed out from across continents, they are "charmingly symmetric."  Perhaps why I'm so keen on them.

Mason found a baby turtle in the pond.
Few things delight me more than the intricate perfection of baby turtles.

More fresh strawberries were devoured. 
Peonies were admired on the cusp of bursting into full bloom.

I bounced on the trampoline with the kids some more.  We laughed.  A lot.
We took wiffle ball batting practice.  Some of us barefoot. 
Basketball shots were made by father and son.  A baseball was tossed back and forth between brothers.  

My mom stopped by just as we were getting ready to sit down for dinner prepared together.
And then, as we were winding down at the end of the day, rainbows filled the sky at sunset.  Maybe the brightest rainbow I've ever seen.   I chased it all around and it stayed and stayed til the sun went down.

When I was going to bed, Mitch said to me, "You were like a little kid today, jumping on the trampoline and playing wiffle ball."

Here's to days spent playing like a kid.
To slow living.  Home cooked meals.  Watching flowers bloom.  Picking berries. 
Listening to birds and watching clouds roll by.  The faces of children.  The textures of life.  Absorbing details in full attention.  And chasing rainbows.

Peace, Love, and Weekends to Remember,


  1. What a special weekend! Your story and the magical photos put a smile on my face. There definitely is gold at the end of your rainbow. (And I love seeing a baby turtle!)

  2. What a wonderful post! Full of joy and love for your family.

  3. What a special time . It's days like this that sustain me when the going gets tough.

    And your photos - just stunning! Breath-taking.

  4. Your photos and words make me smile. What a delightful weekend! Your turtle photos are amazing, so different to my own corner of the world.

  5. Those last two shots need to be printed, but then so does the rest. Wonderful impressions.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. I love this post. Just love it, all the pictures, the feeling of love and happiness, family and joy. Wonderful way for me to start my Sunday. Thank you, Amanda. Very much. :-)

  7. Sounds spectacular! I love how you captured this special time so vividly--and with such gorgeous photos. Hope you have another awesome time this weekend!

  8. Each image just echoes the joy & warmth of a wonderful summer day! Seeing Lilly on the trampoline, the fireflies, strawberry & rainbow ... Oh yes, surely a weekend to remember! And the comment on playfulness from Mitch ~ we need to find the moments to playfulness!

  9. Loved this post Amanda . . . from the "date night" with your twelve year old to each and every "being a kid again" the rest of the weekend.
    And then there is the rainbow . . . my oh my, so beautiful . . .
    I look forward to each photo, word you write for each and every post entry . . .
    All the best for you, your husband and children as this new school year begins!

  10. Slow living.....that is where it's at. Sounds like you enjoy many things we do here. Except jumping on the makes me dizzy :)

  11. You wonderfully summed up what family life is all about! I just love this post of yours. Wishing you a great start into the new week.

  12. That was a beautiful weekend. Good luck with the start of school. Is this senior year for the twins?

  13. Mowing is like walking for me, time alone in my head. When I was a kid I mowed for my grandpa, who had a riding lawn mower, we did not, that was such a treat.

  14. Beautiful photos and post! I remember many many wonderful weekends with my family, your post brings back a lot of memories :)

  15. Sounds like a great weekend.
    I love looking at clouds and seeing what their shapes remind me of.
    Oh that baby turtle is just so cute and very colorful.
    Gorgeous rainbow.

  16. Perfect. The very best of days and family memories....

  17. What a great weekend, thanks for sharing it with us, Amanda! Sounds like my type of weekend too.

    As usual your pictures are great! Beautiful shots to help you and the family remember "that one awesome weekend we had in 2015." It really is the little things that make life runneth over.

  18. This sounds like a perfect day We all could use more days like this.

  19. What a great post - I hope to get some of the final list done this week - no work, and a house booked on the edge of a rainforest! Pictures and words to follow. Here's to slowing down and paying attention!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. wow what a stunning rainbow-a lovely post, beautiful photos and a sweet sweet weekend story..lucky you :-)

  21. I think it's wonderful when Mamas and Daddys get down and play with their kids ---just like THEY were young again themselves... There's nothing better... AND--as you know, the kids love it.